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It is time to dive into the Location API. We ll do so while creating a Win32 console application that reads a location report, handles location events, and then prints this information to the console. Because the Location API is built on top of the Sensor API, the flow of applications that use the Location API is similar to the flow used in applications that use the Sensor API. The flow looks like this: Obtaining a location interface, ILocation, which is a COM interface. This is the main interface, and it provides methods used to manage location reports, event registration, and sensor permissions. Requesting permission for any location providers that are not enabled. Interacting with the location interface by reading location reports and handling location events.
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Filters tab, he should make sure that only the Error check box is selected.
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Object Pooling
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Devices and their drivers require system resources to communicate with the device. Windows Server 2003 automatically configures these resources for PnP devices, including IRQs, I/O Ports, DMA settings, and memory ranges. Because such resources are limited, Windows Server 2003 allows devices to share resources. In rare circumstances in which resources must be statically configured, Device Manager allows you to control the resources assigned to a device on the Resources tab of a device s Properties dialog box, shown in Figure 10-5. To change the resources assigned to a device, clear the Use Automatic Settings check box. Now you are able to set each resource by selecting it and clicking Change Settings. Any resources that cannot be assigned manually will not appear on the device s Resources tab.
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Windows XP Professional stores hardware and software settings in the Registry, a hierarchical database that replaces many of the .ini, .sys, and .com configuration files used in earlier versions of Windows. The Registry provides the appropriate initialization information to boot Windows XP Professional, to start applications, and to load components such as device drivers and network protocols. The Registry Editor (REGEDIT.EXE) allows you to view and change the Registry. Pressing F8 during the operating system selection phase displays a screen with the Windows Advanced Options menu that provides the following options: Safe Mode, Safe Mode With Networking, Safe Mode With Command Prompt, Enable Boot Logging, Enable VGA Mode, Last Known Good Configuration, Directory Services Restore Mode, and Debugging Mode. The Windows XP Professional Recovery Console is a command-line interface that you can use to perform a variety of troubleshooting and recovery tasks.
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Correct Answers: A and C A. Correct: HTTP filtering can only be applied to allow rules; it cannot be applied to deny rules. B. Incorrect: If you set the Maximum Headers Length (done by selecting Configure HTTP for a rule from the Context menu) of a rule, it applies to all Web publishing rules. C. Correct: High-bit characters are used in URLs that contain double-byte character sets, such as those used in Japanese, Russian, and other non-English languages. Blocking high-bit characters blocks the use of non-English-character URLs. D. Incorrect: Unlike the Maximum Headers Length setting, actions configured for specific file extensions apply only to the specific rules rather than to all rules globally. E. Incorrect: Unlike the Maximum Headers Length setting, signatures configured and applied to Web publishing rules influence only that rule and do not apply globally.
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Key Points . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-56
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It is nearly impossible to write more than a few lines of code without there being some type of error in the execution of the code. There are three types of errors in software: syntax and compilation errors, runtime errors, and logic errors. Syntax and compila tion errors occur due to incorrect language syntax and command usage and normally prevent compilation. Runtime errors are errors that do not prevent compilation and are due to some element that is not detectable until runtime, such as the effect of invalid user input that is not validated and causes an error to occur. Another example of a runtime error could be an expected resource not being available at run time. Logic errors are sometimes categorized as runtime errors and normally do not prevent com pilation. Logic errors are commonly associated with if statements or loops where the logic driving the statement is not accurate.
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Lesson 1
Recovering from System Failure
In this practice, you create a stub zone on Computer1 that pulls transfers from the del egated subdomain sub.domain1.local.
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The array configuration displayed in ISA Server Manager is almost exactly the same as the configuration displayed in ISA Server Manager when connected to a computer running ISA Server 2004, Standard Edition. The only new item in the interface is a Servers container that lists all the servers in the array. However, many of the objects in an array have additional configuration options related to Enterprise Edition features such as NBL and CARP .
Correct Answers: A A. Correct: Only a single enterprise policy can be applied to an individual array, irrespective of the number of servers in the array. B. Incorrect: Only a single enterprise policy can be applied to an individual array, irrespective of the number of servers in the array. C. Incorrect: Only a single enterprise policy can be applied to an individual array, irrespective of the number of servers in the array. D. Incorrect: Only a single enterprise policy can be applied to an individual array, irrespective of the number of servers in the array. E. Incorrect: Only a single enterprise policy can be applied to an individual array, irrespective of the number of servers in the array. F. Incorrect: Although there are six enterprise policies in total, the five you created and the default policy, only one enterprise policy can be applied to an individual array.
INSERT Test.TestTran (Col1, Col2) VALUES (1, 3);
HEADQUARTERS Domain Controller Domain Controller Bridgehead Server
' VB Trace.Listeners.Clear() Dim MyLog as New EventLog("10", "localhost", "10Demo") Trace.AutoFlush = True Dim MyListener as EventLogTraceListener = new EventLogTraceListener(MyLog) Trace.WriteLine("This is a test") // C# EventLog MyLog = new EventLog("10", "localhost", "10Demo"); Trace.AutoFlush = true; EventLogTraceListener MyListener = new EventLogTraceListener(MyLog); Trace.WriteLine("This is a test");
Lesson 1: Performing Message Tracking
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