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Table 10-4
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Yes. You can create an outbound filter on the network adapter card that is connected to the internal network and designate a specific IP address in the filter.
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Objective 5.4
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Browses the list of available servers Connects to the correct server instance Connects to DAC endpoints
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Deploying the Internet Authentication Service 10-77
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Exercise 1: Share a Folder
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Outer joins return all rows from at least one of the tables or views mentioned in the FROM clause, provided that those rows meet any WHERE or HAVING search conditions. A query retrieves all rows from the left table referenced in a left outer join, all rows from the right table referenced in a right outer join, and all rows from both tables in a full outer join. SQL Server 2005 uses the following SQL-92 keywords for outer joins specified in a FROM clause:
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1. Correct Answer: A A. Correct: The lowest subscore determines the base score, even though this computer is not primarily used for 3D graphics and gaming. B. Incorrect: 3.5 is the average of the subscores. However, the lowest subscore determines the base score not the average. C. Incorrect: 4.1 is a significant score because the computer is used for processorintensive operations. However, the question asks for the base score, and the lowest subscore determines the base score. D. Incorrect: 4.4 is the highest subscore. The lowest subscore, not the highest subscore, determines the base score. 2. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: This is the default setting. It ensures that any problem you encounter (other than those that require personal information to be sent) is forwarded to Microsoft. It does not, however, enable this behavior for all computer users. B. Incorrect: This lets you scan for solutions for problems that ocurred but have not yet been resolved. It does not, however, set a default so that every other user who has an account on the computer automatically checks for solutions when a problem occurs. C. Correct: This turns on Windows Problem Reporting for all users. D. Incorrect: If you have allowed each user to change settings in Advanced Settings, this ensures that all users report problems by default. However, users can change this default, which is not what the question requires. 3. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: The Application log stores program events. Events are classified as error, warning, or information. B. Correct: The Security log stores security-related audit events that can be Audit Success or Audit Failure. C. Incorrect: Computers that are configured as domain controllers in an Active Directory domain have events displayed in the Setup log. The log does not store securityrelated audit events. D. Incorrect: The System log stores system events that are logged by Windows Vista and Windows Vista system services. System events are classified as critical, error, warning, or information. 4. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: The System log does not store warnings and information events that were generated when applications accessed the registry. generate data matrix
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You can make many customizations with the options on the Security tab. Common options that users might want you to modify include these:
You are the systems administrator for a medium-sized organization. You have been instructed by management to generate an audit log of all users who attempt to access a particular folder which stores confidential company financial information. Manage ment is interested not only in those users that successfully access the folder in question but also those users who attempt to access the folder but are stopped because they have insufficient NTFS permissions. Which of the following types of auditing should you configure (Select all that apply.)
SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(connectString);
COMbining sCRiPTs
flags information you should know before taking the certification exam.
Customizing Bulleted and Numbered Lists
(.) as the computer name, or do not include the /s option, the RSoP analysis is performed on the local computer. /scope [user | computer] Displays RSoP analysis for user or computer settings. If you omit the /scope option, RSoP analysis includes both user and computer settings. /user username Specifies the name of the user for which RSoP data is to be displayed. /r Displays a summary of RSoP data.
Do all the practices in this section for which you can access suitable hardware.
your on-the-job experience and product knowledge. Although there is no substitute for on-the-job experience, preparation through study and hands-on practice can help you prepare for the exam. We recommend that you augment your exam preparation plan by using a combination of available study materials and courses. For example, you might use the Training Kit and another study guide for your at home preparation, and take a Microsoft Official Curriculum course for the classroom experience. Choose the combination that you think works best for you.
Monitors attempts to interactively log on to the local machine
One big advantage that Active Directory provides is a single logon point for all network resources, so a user can log on to the network with a single user name and password, and then access any resources to which the user account is granted access. An administrator can log on to one computer and administer objects on any computer in the network. Windows XP Professional provides a wide range of security settings that you can enforce (you will learn all about them in 16, Configuring Security Settings and Internet Options ). You can enforce these settings locally by configuring them on each computer (and that is the way you have to do it in a workgroup environment). In an Active Directory environment, you can use a feature named Group Policy to enforce settings on all computers on the network. This allows the network administrator to make changes faster and improve network functionality without requiring user intervention to invoke changes.
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