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B. Reset the user s computer account in Active Directory.
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Display As A Menu The item will be displayed, and a menu will be available that contains the objects in that folder. Don t Display This Item The item will not be displayed.
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The LISTENER_PORT argument is required. The TCP or TSQL endpoint that is cre ated for each instance during installation is already configured for port 1433 or the alternate port number for the instance.
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Because hardware vendors are continuously pushing the limits of what they can achieve with their architecture, more and more limitations are being uncovered that must be overcome by either new hardware-management techniques or software workarounds. Current hardware trends such as the move towards NUMA architectures have significantly affected software designs. To get adequate performance and scalability, software developers have to explicitly take advantage of hardware features, which is not an easy task within the Windows operating system because only kernel-mode applications have direct access to the hardware. To take advantage of the hardware while at the same time keeping SQL Server a user-mode application, Microsoft decided to replace the UMS with a new component called the SQL Operating System (SQLOS).
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For more information on global query block lists, search for DNS global query block lists on the Microsoft Web site. You can download a document on the subject.
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Exercise 2: Creating a Dial-Up Connection
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msg.Formatter = New XmlMessageFormatter()
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1. Because you need to provide access to Macintosh clients, you need to configure Mixed Mode authentication. You can use Windows logins for the Windows XP users. 2. You should create two database roles: one for Sales users and another one for Marketing users. With this configuration, you need to manage permissions for only these two roles. 3. To configure the encryption architecture, you need to do the following: A. Create a database master key for the CRM database. B. Create a certificate in the CRM database and protect the certificate with the database master key. C. Create a symmetric key that is protected with the certificate, and use the key to encrypt the data.
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In analyzing a current DNS infrastructure, documentation, diagrams, and maps are the most important elements. This lays a critical foundation for the rest of your network design. Designing a DNS namespace begins with understanding your current Active Directory environment. Consider designing the Active Directory structure and then supporting that design with a DNS structure. Securing your DNS infrastructure begins with an understanding of the potential risks. Footprinting, denial-of-service attacks, and polluting the DNS cache are some examples of the possible threats to your DNS infrastructure. In designing your DNS name resolution strategy, integration of other networking services, such as DHCP and WINS, should be considered to optimize performance.
Estimated lesson time: 35 minutes
In this exercise, you will define user hierarchies in the Date, Product, and Sales Territory dimensions. These user hierarchies will provide logical navigational paths to explore the cube data.
The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
Configure Authentication on ISA Server and on the Internal Web Server
Description Determines the visual style of the TabControl. Determines whether the tabs appear on the Top, Bottom, Left, or Right of the TabControl.
Page 10-44
The Find Printers feature is not available in the Search Assistant unless you are logged on to an Active Directory domain. If you are using a stand-alone computer or one that is in a workgroup, the Find Printers component is not available.
Practice 1 Create a Windows Forms application to demonstrate the different
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