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Case Scenario
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MMCs, when saved, have an *.msc extension. Active Directory Users And Computers, for example, is named Dsa.msc (Directory Services Administrator.msc).
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Practice 1: Use SQL Server Management Studio. This tool is likely your main inter-
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Lesson 1: Calling Remoting Methods
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ASP.NET Caching .NET Data Caching ASP.NET Caching: Techniques and Best Practices Working with Query Notifications Performance Tuning SQL Server Database Cursors Application Development Trends The SQL Server 2005 Paradigm Shift id=11148& SQL Server Query Design: 10 Mistakes to Avoid,289498,sid87_gci1229788,00 .html NextURL=http%3A// _gci1229788%2C00.html
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4. Log off.
In a real-world environment, you would not conf igure a password to never expire, but this conf iguration setting simplif ies things for the purposes of the practices in this training kit.
Comment Should average below 75% (and preferably below 50%). Should average below 2 per processor. For example, in a 2-processor machine, it should remain below 4. Should average below 20 (and preferably below 15). Should remain above 50 MB. Should average below 50%. Should average below 2 per disk. For exam ple, for an array of 5 disks, this figure should average below 10.
BULK INSERT Table1 FROM 'c:\test.txt'
Lesson Review
You can argue that the separation of the UI and code is not new to native code. Dialog templates can be used with user32 APIs without any framework such as MFC. The dialog template defines the controls and the layout of the dialog, while in runtime the DialogBoxParams() API loads it and uses the dialog with code-behind file approach. However, dialog templates are not based on XML and do not contain UI behavior, just a static layout of user32 controls.
To learn more about the importance of defining attribute relationships, read the white paper Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services Performance Guide (see References). Compared with SSAS 2005, SSAS 2008 has simplified the process of analyzing and defining attribute relationships by introducing a new Attribute Relationships tab in the Dimension Designer, as Figure 6-1 shows. This tab has a Diagram pane, an Attributes pane, and an Attribute Relationships pane. If the Attributes and Attribute Relationships panes are not visible, click the Show List Views button on the Dimension Designer toolbar on the Attribute Relationships tab.
The System file is used by Windows XP Professional during startup to create the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM Registry key, which stores application settings that apply to all users of the computer. The Software file is used during startup to create the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE Registry key, which contains information about the local computer, including hardware data (such as bus type, system memory, and device drivers) and operating system data (such as startup control parameters).
Routing And Remote Access provides two distinct methods of connections for remote users:
Lessons in this chapter:
Lesson 3
CREATE PROCEDURE Sales.spCustomerGetClr @CustomerID INT AS EXTERNAL NAME TK433ClrDemo."TK433.Clr.Demo".CustomerGetProcedure; GO
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