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The DeflateStream Class
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Results from a StackTrace object
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FOR One or more FOR expressions can be applied to an XQUERY expression. The FOR clause declares variables that contain a sequence of nodes resulting from an XPATH expression. This sequence is the input sequence for the XQUERY expression to process. The FOR clause will iterate through all the items in the set of nodes; for each one of them, the FLWOR expression will return a result.
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Lesson 3: Managing Software with Group Policy Software Installation
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aForm.Width = 300;
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1. Reset the computer account in Active Directory, rebuild the server using the same name and volume configuration, install the necessary components to support the Client Access server, and join the computer to the domain. 2. Obtain and install a new certificate from the original issuing authority unless the originally issued certificate can be recovered. 3. Rebuild the custom OABs; this will republish them to their original location.
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Moving Mailboxes and Implementing Bulk Management
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Correct Answers: D
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DNS servers resolve the names of hosts on the network to their respective IP addresses. Administrators install DNS servers and configure the IP addresses of resources on the network. When something is wrong with the DNS configuration on a computer or the DNS server on a network, client computers cannot resolve computer names or FQDNs to their IP addresses, and connectivity to resources fails. If you believe (because of results of Ping, Ipconfig /all, Tracert, or other command-line tests) that an incorrect DNS configuration is preventing a user or users from resolving names to IP addresses, and you have verified the IP address of the DNS server and that the server is online, you should check the DNS settings on the local computer.
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Lesson 3: Validating Models, Using DMX Queries, and Using Prediction Queries in Reports
If users need access to any of these items often, inform them of the ability to add them.
Lesson 1
Working with a Tablet PC
For more information on 64-bit processor platforms and how they relate to SQL Server 2005, see the article titled 64-bit Computing with SQL Server 2005, available at www.microsoft.com/sql /editions /64bit/overview.mspx.
Personal computer with a 600 MHz Pentium III compatible or faster processor (Pentium 4 or equivalent if you plan to use virtual machine software) 512 MB of RAM (2.0 GB if you plan to use virtual machine software) 30 GB of available hard disk space (40 GB if you plan to use virtual machine software) DVD-ROM drive Super VGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution video adapter and monitor Keyboard and Microsoft mouse, or compatible pointing device
Lesson Summary
Tool Dcpromo.exe DFSRadmin.exe
Designing Database Queries
The most likely problem is that the computer with the problem is not configured to obtain DNS server information automatically.
Tested Skills and Suggested Practices
4. Click OK.
4. 5. 6. 7.
Enables you to define the criteria for defining database objects as different F o r
Which result or results do Fred s actions achieve (Choose all that apply.) A. Only Fred and Francesca can carry out Active Directory and DNS administration in the context of their administrator accounts.
SymmetricSecurityBindingElement ssbe = new SymmetricSecurityBindingElement(); ssbe.LocalServiceSettings.InactivityTimeout = new TimeSpan(0, 10, 0); bec.Add(ssbe); bec.Add(new TextMessageEncodingBindingElement()); bec.Add(new HttpsTransportBindingElement()); CustomBinding customBinding = new CustomBinding(bec); host.AddServiceEndpoint( typeof(MyNamespace.IOrderService), customBinding, "http://localhost:8000/OrderService/");
12. If prompted, click Continue in the UAC dialog box. The next wizard page, shown in Figure 7-18, lets you specify file and printer sharing settings. Typically, you would use the custom settings on your computer (the default). Click Next.
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