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When the host for the service is opened (and before processing any incoming request), the ApplyDispatchBehavior method for the attribute is invoked. The DispatchRuntime parameter represents the mechanism by which WCF transforms messages into objects and then dispatches them. The result, in the present example, is that the runtime now has a synchronization context that is passed along to every incoming request. The actual implementation of the attribute as found on the companion CD contains a couple of differences. As has been mentioned, the ApplyDispatchBehavior is called once for each endpoint. However, in that scenario, and using the code that you ve implemented so far, a new thread pool would be created for each endpoint. The synchronization context is assigned to a new instance of the custom synchronization context. Because you really want all the endpoints for this WCF service to share the same pool, the code on the CD uses a helper class to maintain a single instance of the synchronization context object.
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Lesson 3: Processing SSAS Objects
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Region myRegion = new Region(myPath);
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You can also use a DS command to reset a user s password and, optionally, to force the user to change that password at the next logon. Type the following command:
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The following exercises demonstrate how to create and use a structure and how to create an enumeration. If you encounter a problem completing an exercise, the completed projects are available on the companion CD in the Code folder.
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Users, Administrators, and Device Installation
Lesson Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-17
13. 14.
Extending XML Web Services with SOAP Formatting, Custom Headers, and Extensions
Securing and Troubleshooting Authentication
7. 8.
Figure 6 3: Each policy has three states, Enabled, Disabled, or Not Configured, and some policies collect additional information. When setting a policy, pay particular attention to the language to ensure that you get the result you want. Some policies are positive, so enabling the policy turns on the feature. Other policies are negative, however, so turning on those policies actually disables those features. To make things more confusing, outside of Windows XP, you frequently see policies that you have to enable and then turn the setting on or off. In other words, to turn on a setting, you have to enable the policy and then select or clear a second check box to turn on or off the setting. The Office XP policy templates are notorious for this extra level of indirection. All this just illustrates that you have to pay close attention to the names of policies when setting them. Read their names out loud, prefixing the sentences with the words enable or disable just to be sure.
B. Incorrect: You cannot create a toolbar from a document.
Lesson 3 Review
In storing data, nothing generates more controversy than figuring out how to store dates and times. Some applications need to store only a date. Other applications need to store only a time. And still other applications need to store both dates and times together. Unfortunately, SQL Server stores this type of data only together as both a date and a time for example, 2006-03-14 20:53:36.153, which is the precise millisecond on the system clock when I started writing this sentence. Table 3-5 lists SQL Server s date and time data types.
After this lesson, you will be able to
4. What would have been a better way to approach this problem from the beginning
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: Package For CD is an option in PowerPoint, not in Word or Excel. B. Incorrect: This is not necessary and would give the user more permissions than she likely needs. C. Correct: For the spreadsheet to always display information from the current Word document, the customer must insert the Word document as a link. D. Incorrect: The customer should link the document. Embedding the document breaks all ties with the original document.
D. Lee should configure the disks in a RAID-0 configuration using the hardware RAID
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