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Denotes that members of this file class are not added to the Recent Documents folder.
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A. Incorrect: Each developer can be assigned a Per User license and this will cover
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Determining Whether an Asynchronous Call Has Finished . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320
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Lesson 2: Designing a Zero-Touch Deployment
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Resolve issues related to Outlook Express features Resolve issues related to customizing an Office application
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The Windows XP family includes Windows XP Professional Edition, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, and Windows XP 64-Bit Edition. Features provided in Windows XP Professional that are not provided in Windows XP Home Edition include dynamic disks, Remote Desktop, NTFS and print permissions, EFS, domain membership, dual processors, and IIS. You can determine whether Service Pack 2 is installed by viewing the General tab of the System Properties dialog box or by typing winver.exe in the Run dialog box to open the About Windows dialog box. Enhancements provided by Service Pack 2 include: generate code 39 barcode
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Figure 10-3 Location API process for retrieving accurate location information
In this practice, you will follow a scenario that builds upon the GPO you created and configured in Lesson 1. In each vignette, you will refine your application of Group Policy scoping. Before performing these exercises, complete the exercises in Lesson 1. Exercise 1 Setting Create a GPO with a Policy Setting That Takes Precedence over a Conflicting
A. Full backup of selected files and folders every Monday at 11:50 P.M. Incremental
Exam Tip
Device Manager An administrative tool that you can use to manage the devices on your computer. Using Device Manager, you can view and change device properties, update device drivers, configure device settings, and uninstall devices. Driver rollback A feature in Windows XP that permits you to reinstall (roll back) a previously installed driver. The uninstalled drivers are stored in the system_root \system32\reinstallbackups folder.
3. If the file was found, create a new IsolatedStorageFileStream object that opens the file you created in Exercise 1. Create a StreamReader to read all the text in the file into a new local string variable. Your code might look something like this:
The correct answers are b, e, and g.
"VB < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" >
SELECT CASE WHEN a.CompanyName IS NOT NULL THEN a.CompanyName ELSE a.FirstName + ' ' + a.LastName END CustomerName, b.AddressLine1, b.AddressLine2, b.AddressLine3, b.City, d.StateProvinceAbbrev, e.CountryName, c.OrderDate, c.GrandTotal, c.FinalShipDate
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