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You can process multiple objects, such as several dimensions and a cube, in a batch. To do so, select the objects in Solution Explorer by holding down the Ctrl key, right-clicking, and then selecting Process. Figure 7-23 shows the Process Object(s) dialog box, which displays the objects you have selected for processing.
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Lesson Summary
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Protecting Data and Networked Applications
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Designing a DNS Structure
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Figure 2-1 Four-layer TCP/IP model and protocol stack
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1. Recipient filtering. 2. Sender filtering.
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NOTE Encoding types
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Using IFileDialog to select libraries The IFileDialog interface is the base interface for both IFileOpenDialog and IFileSaveDialog. The Shell native API is COM based; therefore, before using any COM object, you must remember to initialize the COM object by calling CoCreateInstance. As an example, the following code snippet prompts the user to choose a library or folder by showing the common save file dialog.
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<Ribbon.Tabs> <Tab CommandName="cmdHome"> <Group CommandName="cmdColorGroup" SizeDefinition="ThreeButtons"> <DropDownColorPicker ChipSize="Large" Columns="2" ThemeColorGridRows="3" StandardColorGridRows ="4" CommandName="cmdThemeColors" IsAutomaticColorButtonVisible ="false" IsNoColorButtonVisible="false" RecentColorGridRows="6" ColorTemplate="ThemeColors"/> <DropDownColorPicker CommandName="cmdStandardColors" ChipSize="Small" Columns="30" ColorTemplate="StandardColors"/> <DropDownColorPicker ChipSize="Medium" Columns="3" CommandName="cmdHighlightColors" ColorTemplate="HighlightColors"/> </Group> </Tab> </Ribbon.Tabs>
Security Mode Enumeration Values
Exchanging data with mobile users Many applications require you to make data available to remote users, including sales personnel and delivery drivers. These applications include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), and field force automation (FFA) applications.
MORE INFO Practice tests
You attempt to connect to Server01 through the Remote Desktop for Administration client but receive a message that you cannot connect because the number of concurrent connections has been exceeded. You can connect with the Remote Desktop for Administration client to Server02, Server03, and Server04, which are member servers in the same domain. You have administrator privileges on each of these servers. Server01 is not physically accessible to you because it is in a remote location. What steps should you take to resolve the problem (Choose all that apply.) A. Connect to Server02 with the Remote Desktop for Administration client. B. Connect to Server01 from the Terminal Services session on Server02 with the Terminal Services Manager. Disconnect one of the Remote sessions.
" more code to follow...
The scope of log shipping is limited to a database. Therefore, log shipping does not take into account any cross-database dependencies that might exist. For example, if you have a database that contains customers and a database that contains orders for those customers, your applications are maintaining the integrity of the data by the way transactions are handled. However, log ship ping will break this integrity because it operates by using transaction log backups, and SQL Server does not allow multidatabase transactions. It is possible that even if you had both the customer and orders databases participating in log shipping sessions with backups and restores operating at the same interval, upon recovery, orders could exist without a corresponding customer, or custom ers could exist without all their orders. As a rule, if you have an environment set up so that foreign keys cannot be used to enforce referential integrity, SQL Server cannot ensure that data will remain linked across databases.
Figure 11-1
Group Policy
When Microsoft designed the CLR host for SQL Server 2005, they had several design goals, including reliability, scalability, security, and performance.
Monitor server hardware. Tools might include Device Manager, the Hardware Troubleshooting Wizard, and appropriate Control Panel items.
Guido Pica, Customer IT Manager By hiring your company, we are trusting you with our finances, and the finances of our customers. But I don t trust you; in fact, I don t trust any individual. I trust processes, and I trust security-in-depth. I want to know that collusion is required between multiple members of your staff before any malicious code can make it into your software. Show me that one rogue programmer can t insert code into your internal application to steal our funds, and I ll sleep better at night.
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