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To further practice and reinforce the skills you learned in this chapter, you can perform the following tasks:
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Measurement Calculations per second Memory operations per second Windows Aero desktop performance 3D graphics performance Disk data transfer rate
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For certain types of applications, it is necessary to keep track of all the functions that were performed. Consider an application that calculated the interest for all of the accounts in a bank. The transaction being performed causes money to be transferred from the bank s account to the consumer s. And a problem will cost the bank money, the consumer aggravation, or both. For transactions such as this, the corporate auditors are going to want detailed information about which value was put where. But financial auditing isn t the end of the auditing function. Laws such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley mandate auditing of certain types of transactions. And although these laws apply only to the United States, there might be a need to comply if you plan on doing business in the United States. Not to mention that a growing number of other countries are introducing their own legislation that covers the same area.
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Select the Schedules property page, and then click New to create a new schedule.
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this.firstName = String.Empty;
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When the PrintDialog component is shown, the user can make changes to the config uration of the print job by setting options that are displayed in the PrintDialog box. You can restrict the options displayed by modifying the properties of the PrintDialog component. This generally involves setting one of the Boolean properties described in Table 10-1 to True to enable the option or False to disable the option. The following example demonstrates how to enable the user to select a range of pages to print.
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Messaging and Routing
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Open SSMS, if necessary, and connect to the appropriate instance of SQL Server 2008. In a new query window, type and execute the following SQL statement to connect to the TestDB database created in Exercise 1:
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As with all objects and operations in SQL Server, you must explicitly grant a user permission to use an object or execute an operation. To allow users to execute a stored procedure, you use the following general syntax:
HTTP Channel
4. Next, add some rows of data to the table by executing the following batch:
Traffic destination
Complex IIS servers might host tens of thousands of sites, each with customized settings to make them tick. Losing all that configuration information could be painful, so although a normal file system backup might allow you to restore the data files after a failure, the configuration would be lost. To back up or restore IIS configuration, you must back up or restore the metabase and the schema, Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents that are used to store settings. To manually back up the IIS configuration, complete the following steps: 1. Right-click the server node in IIS Manager and, from the All Tasks menu, choose Backup/Restore Configuration. Click Create Backup. When prompted, enter a name for the backup and click OK. The metabase and schema are backed up to the directory %Windir%\System32 \Inetsrv\Metaback. 2. Use any backup procedure to back up the contents of the Metaback directory.
The Visual Studio 2005 Web Setup Project File Types editor
Name Min Pool Size Pooling
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In Report Manager, on the Home page, click the Report Builder button. When Report Builder opens, select the AdventureWorksDW2008 model on the right. Select Tabular format, and then click OK. To create your report, in the Solution Explorer window, first select the Dim Product entity. Drag the English Product Name column onto the table on the design surface. In the Entities pane, select the Product Subcategory entity. Drag the English Product Subcategory Name column onto the table to the right of the English Product Name column. In the Entities pane, select the Product Category entity. Drag the English Product Category Name column onto the table to the right of the English Product Subcategory Name column. Your report is finished. In the Design Report window, it should look like the report shown in Figure 11-10. Click Run Report to preview it. To deploy the report, on the File menu, select Save As to open the Save As Report window. In the Look In drop-down list, select the http://localhost:8080/Report Server/ TK 448 Ch11 SSRS Deployment folder. Type products categories as the report name, and then click Save. On the File menu, select the Save To File option to save the report in an .rdl file that you can open later with the Report Designer. Select your working folder, and then name the file product categories. Verify in Report Manager that the report was saved successfully, and then browse the report.
Understanding Windows Server 2003 Networks
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