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In general, though, you should use the following guidelines when creating a site design:
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The Report Manager browser should still have the Test Data Source Properties page open. If it is, press F5 to refresh the content; if it is not, browse to the Test Data Source that you created in step 3. At this point, you will receive the error The report server is unable to access encrypted data. Apply a back-up key or delete all encrypted content. This is because the existing content was encrypted with a new key, but the old key was restored. If you did not have the new encryption key, you would not be able to access the encrypted content, and it would have to be deleted. Restore the new encryption key to enable the existing content to be unencrypted by the SSRS instance, and then run the following command:
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To further practice and reinforce the skills you learned in this chapter, you can perform the following tasks:
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select * from master..syslogins where isntgroup=0 and isntname=0
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Table 3-5 ISA Server Roles and Tasks
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In this practice, you track messages from Don Hall and Keith Harris. You need to have completed Practices 1 and 2 in this lesson before attempting Practice 3. 1. If necessary, log on to the Exchange Server 2007 server by using the Kim_Akers account. 2. Open Exchange Management Console. 3. Select Toolbox in the Console pane. In the Result pane, click Message Tracking. In the Action pane, click Open Tool. 4. If you are prompted, specify whether you want to take part in the Microsoft product improvement program. Start the tool. 5. If prompted, download and install updates to Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant. Access the Welcome screen. 6. Select the Recipients and Sender check boxes. Specify Keith Harris as the Recipient and Don Hall as the Sender. 7. Click Resolve Recipient. 8. Click Resolve Sender. Your screen should look similar to Figure 9-45. Note that the Start and End check boxes should be deselected, as shown in the figure. Deselect them if they are not.
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Method Invocations and Event Management with .NET Web Services
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Capture the Cacls output to the variable named output
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SELECT COUNT(*), MIN(id), MAX(id) FROM dbo.t2 GO SELECT COUNT(*), MIN(id), MAX(id) FROM dbo.t1 GO
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Common Dialog Boxes
Table 12-2
The ability to manage computers in groups is an important enhancement to Active Directory. A group to which computers belong can be used to control resource access permissions such that any user logged on to computers in the group are granted or denied access. Similarly, a group to which computers belong can be used to filter the application of a GPO.
Excel objects do not open in Word.
You should use types such as smallint and tinyint as a way of optimizing data storage within extents. These types reserve less data space and increase database efficiency. You can read more about extents in 4, Disaster Recovery.
Exercise 5
The rules for calculating effective shared folder permissions are the same as those used for NTFS permissions:
2. ROW_NUMBER, RANK, and DENSE_RANK produce the same results when the
Lesson 2
1. On Computer1, create a Test1.txt file by right-clicking the Shared Captures folder in Windows Explorer, selecting New, and clicking Text Document. Then type the name test1.txt and click OK. 2. On Computer2, Click Start, select All Programs, select Windows Support Tools, and click Command Prompt. 3. Run Netcap with a buffer size of 1 MB and save the capture file to C:\Authentica tion.cap (Figure 11-40). To do so, type this command:
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