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12. This command disables the ReplTesting database for publishing. Execute the command and then verify that the server returns the following message:
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4. Open a third query window, which will be referred to as Connection 3, and type and execute the following SQL statement to prepare the connection:
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Exam objectives in this chapter:
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Implementing Monitoring and Reporting
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USE TestDB; GO CREATE TABLE Test.TableWithCheckConstraint ( Name NVARCHAR(50) NOT NULL CHECK(LEN(Name) > 5) ); CREATE TABLE Test.TableWithTrigger ( Name NVARCHAR(50) NOT NULL ); GO CREATE TRIGGER TableWithTriggerTestTrigger ON Test.TableWithTrigger AFTER INSERT, UPDATE AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON; IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM inserted WHERE LEN(Name) <= 5) BEGIN RAISERROR('Too short name found, rolling back t.', 16, 1); ROLLBACK TRAN; END END
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After you include the namespace reference, you can create your own custom binding by first declaring a BindingElementCollection object. You would also create a SymmetricSecurityBindingElement, which contains the InactivityTimeout property for the local service settings. After the property is set, it can be added to the binding element collection and then associated with the new custom binding. For example, you can use the following code to create an endpoint that increases the InactivityTimeout period to ten minutes:
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Use the CREATE ASSEMBLY statement to copy the assembly into the database.
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This counter records the average number of pages faulted per second. This value includes both hard and soft faults. But, as has already been noted, hard faults are what we care about. So why bother with this counter Because if this value isn t high, there s no reason to search any further for memory problems, at least in the system-wide measurements. Memory Pages Input/sec This counter is the average rate of hard page faults per second. Hard page faults occur when a process refers to a page in virtual memory that is not in its working set or elsewhere in physical memory and must be retrieved from disk. This value is used in conjunction with the Page Reads/sec counter to determine the average number of pages read into memory during each read operation. Memory Page Reads/sec In terms of an indicator of a memory shortage, this is one of the more important ones. This counter reflects the frequency that the system is reading from the pagefile on disk as a result of a hard page fault. More precisely, it s the number of disk reads performed to satisfy a hard page fault. When a page is faulted, the system tries to read multiple contiguous pages into memory to maximize the benefit of the read operation. As a result, there is not necessarily a one-to-one relationship between page faults and disk reads. However, for this counter, the magic number is 5. If there is a sustained (for multiple minutes) reading greater than 5, it s likely that the system is short on memory.
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Multimedia in Windows Applications
Case SoapMessageStage.AfterSerialize
This policy allows limited Web access Allow HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP using HTTP, Hypertext Transfer Proto- from Internal network to External col Secure (HTTPS), and FTP only. All network. other network access is blocked
Installing Hardware Devices and Drivers
Maintaining shadow group membership with scripts
Perform and Troubleshoot an Attended Installation of Windows XP Professional 21-17
To join a newsgroup and set Outlook as the default newsgroup reader, drag the News command to the Go menu, and use the News option to add or remove newsgroup accounts. Common service calls associated with newsgroups include blocking messages from a particular sender, blocking unwanted messages, and resolving problems with sending or receiving posts.
DECLARE @Passphrase nvarchar(128);
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Windows Server 2003 provides a quarantine service that is used to confirm the security configuration of a remote client before granting the client full access to the internal network. This functionality has been extended by ISA Server 2004, which integrates the VPN quarantine control feature with the firewall. This lesson describes what the quarantine service is, how it works, and how to implement VPN quarantine control using ISA Server 2004.
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