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// Slow down thread and let other threads work Thread.Sleep(10); } }
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A first-level OU named Admins. Two child OUs in the Admins OU: Identities and Groups. A global security group named Help Desk in the Admins\ Admin Groups OU. A global security group named NYC Support in the Admins\ Admin Groups OU. One or more user accounts representing corporate help desk personnel in the Admins\Identities OU. These users are members of the Help Desk group. One or more users representing members of the New York desktop support team in the Admins\Identities OU. These users are members of the NYC Support group. A first-level OU named Clients. An OU named NYC in the Clients OU.
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User82 can open, modify, and delete the file because User82 has been assigned the Full Control permission for the Public folder.
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new disk.
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When you create a computer object, you are prompted to configure only the most fundamental attributes, including the computer name and the delegation to join the computer to the domain. Computers have several properties that are not visible when creating the computer object, and you should configure these properties as part of the process of staging the computer account. Open a computer object s Properties dialog box to set its location and description, configure its group memberships and dial-in permissions, and link it to the user object of the user to whom the computer is assigned. The Operating System tab is read-only. The information will be blank until a computer has joined the domain, using that account, at which time, the client publishes the information to its account. Several object classes in Active Directory support the managedBy attribute that is shown on the Managed By tab. This linked attribute creates a cross-reference to a user object. All other properties the addresses and telephone numbers are displayed directly from the user object. They are not stored as part of the computer object itself. On the Member Of tab of a computer s Properties dialog box, you can add the computer to groups. The ability to manage computers in groups is an important and often underused feature of Active Directory. A group to which computers belong can be used to assign resource access permissions to the computer or to filter the application of a GPO.
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As part of your consolidation plan, you should consider the business and regulatory requirements that affect data security and instance design. For example, you can partially secure health records by hosting them on an isolated instance. To improve security for databases, also be sure to apply the principle of least privilege when assigning user privileges. (Do not grant users more permissions than they need.)
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You are a desktop support technician at Northwind Traders, a firm with about 200 Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Professional desktop computers. You receive a call from James Van Eaton, a bookkeeper in your Accounting department. James recently installed an update to a non-Microsoft application. After he installed the update, his computer became very unreliable. Docking and undocking frequently failed, and his computer seemed to slow down and show a great deal of unexplained hard drive activity. James uninstalled the update, but the problems continue. What do you recommend for the next step in troubleshooting the problem Choose the correct answer. A. Open System Restore and select the Create A Restore Point option. B. Open System Restore and select the Restore My Computer To An Earlier Time option. C. Boot to the Last Known Good Configuration. D. Boot into safe mode. E. Boot into the Recovery Console.
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The secondary database, also referred to as the standby, is normally inaccessible, and transaction log backups from the primary database are restored on a continuous basis. The secondary database can be in one of two modes: Standby Mode or No Recovery Mode. When the secondary database is in Standby Mode, users can connect to and issue selects against the database. When the secondary database is in No Recovery Mode, users cannot connect to the database. In either mode, transaction logs can be restored to the secondary database. Transaction logs cannot be restored when users are connected to the database, so you should not use Standby Mode for high availability architectures.
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' VB ' Draw the first section at 0 degrees Dim startAngle As Single = 0 ' Draw each of the pie shapes For Each e As PieChartElement In elements ' Calculate the degrees that this section will consume, ' based on the percentage of the total Dim sweepAngle As Single = (e.value / total) * 360 ' Draw the pie shape g.DrawPie(p, rect, startAngle, sweepAngle) ' Calculate the angle for the next pie shape by adding ' the current shape's degrees to the previous total. startAngle += sweepAngle Next // C# // Draw the first section at 0 degrees float startAngle = 0; // Draw each of the pie shapes foreach (PieChartElement e in elements) { // Calculate the degrees that this section will consume, // based on the percentage of the total float sweepAngle = (e.value / total) * 360;
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Introducing Windows 7 for Developers
[Reg.Uninstall] HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\%NAME% HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\%NAME%\ ,DisplayName,,"%NAME%" HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\%NAME%\ ,UninstallString,,"Rundll32.exe setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultUninstall 132"\ "%17%\Fromhere.inf" [Inf.Copy] Fromhere.inf [DestinationDirs] Inf.Copy=17 [SourceDisksNames] 55=%DISKNAME% [SourceDisksFiles] Fromhere.inf=55 [Strings] NAME = "Jerry's Explore from Here" MENUITEM = "Explore from &Here" DISKNAME = "Setup Files"
times before they decide what they want to use, so I d suggest storing the pictures as files in the installation directory and loading them dynamically with the application. I wouldn t take anything for granted, including the size of the images.
Table 11-3 describes the templates that come with Windows Server 2003.
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Controls whether an assembly can read or write performance counters.
How can this functionality be implemented
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Creating an Array
To accurately gauge the resources needed to support order loads, you must answer the following questions: 1. How can you track how many instances of your remote objects are being created and which methods are being called most often 2. How can you ensure that order loads are being balanced across your remote objects as efficiently as possible
ORM relationship multiplicity.
netsh branchcache set service disabled netsh branchcache set service mode=distributed netsh branchcache set service mode=local netsh branchcache set service mode=hostedclient location=fsalpha.contoso.internal
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