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In August 2004, Microsoft released a free update to Windows XP that includes a number of new enhancements that make Windows XP an even better operating system for mobile PCs. These enhancements include: Security improvements. One of the main focuses of SP2 is security. The following improvements make Windows XP a more secure operating system: Windows Security Center is a central place for you to view your security settings and learn more about how to improve the security of your computer with Windows Firewall, Automatic Updates, and antivirus software. Windows Firewall is now automatically enabled and helps protect your computer against viruses and other security threats, such as intruders who might try to access your computer over the Internet.
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When you install ISA Server, you have the option of installing the Firewall Client Share on the ISA Server computer. When you choose this option, the Firewall Client installation files are copied to the server in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\Clients folder. The folder is then shared with a share name of Mspclnt. Moreover, the system policy rule that enables access to the shared folder is enabled. To install the Firewall Client manually, users can connect to the share and run the setup program.
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Having enough free space on the volume to install the operating system is one thing, but you will need space for an office productivity suite, all that e-mail that arrives, and space to install the latest and greatest games. Although a standard Windows Vista installation will consume approximately 7 GB of hard disk drive space, the recommended minimum amount of hard disk drive space is 20 GB, and the recommended amount is 40 GB. If you had only 7 GB of hard disk drive space, you would not be able to install any extra applications!
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An electronic version of this book (eBook). For information about using the eBook, see the section, The eBook, later in this introduction. An eBook of Microsoft Windows Scripting Self Paced Learning Guide by Ed Wilson. Sample chapters from several Microsoft Press books give you additional information about Windows Server 2003 and introduce you to other resources that are available from Microsoft Press. An overview of Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2003 R2. Documents about Windows x64 and 64-bit computing with Windows Server 2003. Bonus material covering Software Update Services (SUS) and using VBScript to automate user and group administration. A free demo: Answering Simulation Questions. Sample chapters from several Microsoft Press books that give you additional information about Windows Server 2003 and introduce you to other resources that are available from Microsoft Press. Links to free e-Learning courses and clinics.
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You can use Performance Monitor to view performance data in real time or performance counter values captured in DCSs. A system diagnostics report gives you details about the status of hardware resources, system response times, and processes on the local computer, along with system information and configuration data. Reliability Monitor tracks a computer's stability. It can also tell you when events that could affect stability (such as the installation of a software application) occurred and whether any restarts were required after these events. Action Center monitors your computer and reports problems with security, maintenance, and related settings. The Windows Experience Index indicates the suitability of your current computer hardware for running resource-intensive applications.
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Integrating ISA Server 2004 and Exchange Server
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Dim aTextBox As TextBox = CType(Me.ActiveControl, TextBox)
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Exceptions vs. Return Codes
Troubleshooting is not always a matter of solving user problems, such as service outages and connection failures. Network conditions can also have subtle or transient effects on the performance of various applications and services. In these cases, just detecting the problem can be difficult, and resolving it can require extensive knowledge both of networking and of the application or service in question. BranchCache is a peer caching technology that is designed to conserve bandwidth between remote sites connected by relatively slow and expensive wide area network (WAN) links. The effectiveness of BranchCache is based on the performance of those links. BranchCache clients save data to their local caches only when the time it takes to transmit data between the client and the remote server called the latency interval exceeds a certain threshold. If administrators find that the clients are not caching data as expected, it is possible that the actual latency of the network connection is not exceeding the threshold. In other words, the WAN connection is too fast. The solution is either to slow down the WAN, which is probably not desirable, or adjust the threshold. The Group Policy setting that controls the threshold is Configure BranchCache For Network Files, as shown in Figure 12-6, which is located in the Computer Configuration\ Policies\Administrative Templates\Network\BranchCache folder of a Group Policy object (GPO). The default value for the setting is 80 ms. Decreasing the value causes the client to cache more files; increasing the value causes it to cache fewer files.
To support the other protocols, run additional commands that enable those protocols for the default Web site. At this point, you have configured the net.tcp protocol at the site level. To enable TCP communication for a specific application, you must run the Appcmd utility for the application. For example, if your application is named OrderServiceHost, you could run the following command to add support for both HTTP and the net.tcp protocols:
Figure 6-12 The precedence of the GPO with an enforced link
For more information about becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) or Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST), see the section titled The Microsoft Certified Professional Program later in this introduction.
services. You are able to locate the computer.
Working with Data in a Connected Environment
A. Increase the cost of link A-B to 250. B. Increase the cost of link C-B to 250. C. Decrease the cost of links A-B and C-B to 75. D. Increase the cost of link A-C to 250. 2. You are an administrator at Adventure Works. The Active Directory forest consists of three sites, Site A, Site B, and Site C. The Active Directory site link objects and their costs are as shown. You want to ensure that all replication from Sites A and C goes to Site B before going to the other site. What should you do (Choose all that apply. Each correct answer is part of the solution.)
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