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You are in charge of deciding what type of mobile device to purchase for the employ ees in your surveying department. They need to have the ability to send e-mail and connect to the office over the Internet, run corporate applications, and connect to the company s wireless network when at the office. This handheld device should also offer handwriting-recognition capabilities, secure logon to the company network, and the capability to encrypt sensitive data. What type of device should you purchase and why
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Managing Hardware Devices and Drivers
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For details about all the practice test options available, see the section titled How to Use the Prac tice Tests in this book s Introduction.
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Figure 6-3
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The commandId value is the one that you (using the command s Id attribute) or the UICC.EXE compiler gave to the command, and it s declared in the header file that was generated as part
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figures from a store on a daily basis, defects from a manufacturing line every hour, or inventory levels from a series of sequentially numbered bins. When trying to solve missing gaps problems, many developers turn to some kind of cursor operation. Either a database cursor is used, or the data is pulled back into an application that sorts the data and then moves across every record, keeping track of the previous and subsequent values to find all the missing values. One particular problem that I see is finding gaps in a sequence. I had to solve this type of problem several years ago for a customer who was trying to place advertisements automatically within a time sequence where you had to repeatedly find gaps that matched a set of criteria. The existing solution used a lot of trial and error with nested cursors. Using subqueries and unequal joins solved the problem with a 90 percent reduction in time and resources. A colleague of mine sent me an e-mail with a solution to the problem of figuring out a correlation between billboard postings and wildfires that used multiple WHILE loops and table variables. While the code worked and produced the required result, it could have been collapsed into a set of noncorrelated subqueries with unequal joins that would perform much better against a large result set. (Clint, I hope you found my solution useful.) Even as I was writing this chapter, another customer needed to validate data sets in a data warehouse to find data that was missing from the loads. While the one-row-at-a-time solutions get the job done, finding gaps within a large set of data can require a significant amount of time. Instead of using a cursor approach or multiple WHILE loops, you can solve the problem very efficiently either by using subqueries with unequal joins or by combining ranking functions with CTEs.
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Lesson 1: Creating Server Reports
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You are the security administrator for Contoso, Ltd. Recently your company merged with Fabrikam Inc. Both Fabrikam and Contoso are now located in the same building and share a local area network (LAN). Fabrikam s computers are located in a Windows Server 2003 functional-level forest. Contoso s computers are currently in a separate forest with all domain controllers, servers, and clients running Windows 2000 Professional. A single ISA Server 2004 server has been configured as an Internet-edge firewall. All computers in the Fabrikam and Contoso building have the ISA Server 2004 client installed. Management at Fabrikam has recently started publishing company policy documents on an intranet server. The intranet server is located in the domain hr.fabrikam.internal and has the host name Intranet. Unfortunately, none of the users in the Contoso and Fabrikam building is able to access the Intranet server. You ve checked the Web server yourself and verified that the service is functioning. You suspect that a problem exists because connections are being routed through the ISA Server 2004 computer. What configuration changes must you make to allow access to the Intranet server (Choose the correct answer.) A. Edit the LAT file and add the IP address for B. Edit the Configuration.ini file and add the IP address for rikam.internal. C. On the ISA Server 2004 server, edit the properties of the internal network. On the Domains tab of the Internal Network Properties dialog box, type D. On the ISA Server 2004 server, navigate to the Configuration\General node and open the Define Firewall Client Settings option. On the Domains tab of the Internal Network Properties dialog box, type code 128 font
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Manage Basic Disks and Dynamic Disks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-7
Create, Add, Delete, and Edit Data in a Disconnected Environment
After creating and configuring a dial-up connection, you can establish the connection by double-clicking the connection in the Network Connections window (or by right-clicking the connection and then clicking Connect). This action opens the Connect dialog box, as shown in Figure 15-13. The options you see here (such as entering a domain name) depend on how you configured the dial-up connection, as does the information (such as the user name and password) that is already filled in. Click Dial to establish the connection.
Display As A Menu The item is displayed, and a menu is available that contains the objects in that folder. Don t Display This Item The item is not displayed.
The .NET Framework Configuration tool appears, running with the administrative privileges that are required for reconfiguring machine CAS. 6. In the .NET Framework Configuration tool, expand Runtime Security Policy, expand Machine, expand Code Groups, and then expand All_Code. 7. Right-click My_Computer_Zone, and then click Properties. 8. Click the Permission Set tab and then set Permission Set to Internet, as shown in Figure 6-20.
Data Integrity and Error Handling in SQL Server 2005
<serviceAuthorization> <authorizationPolicies> <add policyType= "DemoService.SpecificRoleAuthorizationPolicy,DemoService" /> </authorizationPolicies> </serviceAuthorization>
Implement baseline security for multiple security roles Use the Security Configuration And Analysis snap-in to test a server for compliance with
Figure 14-20 Specifying alert parameters for a SQL Server performance condition
Designing a Site Topology
Table 18-5
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