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Communication channels can use either binary or SOAP formatting. To understand how the remoting framework formats messages, you first need to understand what a sink object is. Sink objects are used during the channeling of a remote message, and the collection of objects forms what is known as a sink chain. Each object contains some basic piece of information about how the channel is processed. This informa tion includes the format to be used when reading and writing a remote message. The formatter contains the channel sink provider for a formatter sink object that is inserted into the sink chain. Each channel uses a default formatter. For instance, a TCP channel uses a binary formatter and an HTTP channel uses a SOAP formatter by default. To change the formatter used by a channel, you can use the <formatter>
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Note A service level agreement (SLA) defines the parameters of service provided by a com pany to a user. SLAs typically cover the services to be delivered, fees and expenses, cus tomer responsibilities, documentation requirements, and support policies.
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Case Scenario Exercise
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The name of the form is the name that is used to refer to the Form class or the default instance of a form (Visual Basic only) in code, but it is also useful for the form to have a title that is visible to users. This title might be the same as the name of the form but is more often a description of the form itself, such as Data Entry. The title can also be used to convey information to the user, such as Processing Entries My Application or Customer Entry My Application . The title appears in the title bar and on the taskbar. You can change the title of a form by changing the Text property. To change the title of a form at design time, set the Text property of the form in the Property Grid. To change the title of a form at run time, set the Text property of the form in code, as shown in the following code:
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Practice 2: Use the Files And Settings Transfer Wizard to migrate the settings from one computer to another. The originating computer can be running Windows XP Professional, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT Workstation 4.0, or Windows 2000 Professional; the destination computer must be running Windows XP Professional. Practice 3: Use the User State Migration Tool (USMT) to implement an automated migration of a user s settings from one computer to another. Customize the USMT process by making some changes to the .inf files used by the tool.
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fter you have designed your database and application, you typically want to make sure that it can deliver the performance that your application users demand. This chapter covers what you can do to find performance problems in your database and how to solve the problems you uncover. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is an extremely capable and efficient database engine, but it still requires you to do some performance tuning if you have a very large database, complicated queries, a high number of queries being served, or a combination of these factors.
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EXERCISE 1: Downloading the MDT 2010 Installation Files and Documentation In this exercise, you download the MDT and its associated documentation by accessing https://connect.microsoft.com/site/sitehome.aspx SiteID=14 You probably first need to supply your Microsoft password credentials. You have the option of downloading the following files: MicrosoftDeploymentToolkit_x64.msi MicrosoftDeploymentToolkit_x86.msi Quick Start Guide for Lite Touch Installation.docx Release Notes.docx What's New in MDT 2010 Guide.docx
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Supporting the Windows Desktop
Configure display and desktop properties. Configure a computer to use multiple displays.
A logical software model is designed to represent real and actual concepts from your business domain. The logical model should change only if these concepts change. You can model this domain using object role modeling (ORM) diagrams. These diagrams represent objects as ovals. They show relationships between the objects using a rectangle that is split in two. You define text under each side of this rectangle in order to describe the relationship from left to right and the inverse. You place arrows over the relationship rectangle to represent multiplicity. Finally, you can indicate which object or objects are required of the relationship by placing a closed circle on the line pointing to the required object. A logical architecture (think layers or tiers) indicates how your system logically works and where (in which layer) developers need to put their code. This model also shows the communication paths between the layers. For example, it can indicate if the user interface should talk directly to the database layer (or not). Layers also mitigate risk and increase reusability. Most enterprise-level Windows applications define layers for the user interface (presentation and form interaction code), the middle tier (business logic and application services), and the database tier (database abstraction code and the database itself). You can use UML and Visual Studio to create physical models for developers. These physical models include component diagrams, class diagrams, activity diagrams, and interaction diagrams (sequence and collaboration). You create a component diagram to show the logical grouping of classes (into components) and the relationships (references) between these components. The component diagram can also show how components are deployed onto nodes (hardware). You create a class diagram to define the static specification of the classes in your domain. A class diagram defines classes, their methods and properties, inheritance and encapsulation, interfaces, enumerations, and so on. You create interaction diagrams to show how objects interact at run time. The UML
Configuring and Publishing XML Web Services
figure 5-6 The Cube Wizard Select Creation Method page
// Add this line of code into the form load handler to hook up the InfoMessage handler. ConnectionToSql.InfoMessage += new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInfoMessageEventHandler(this.ConnectionToSql_InfoMessage); private void GetSqlInfoButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { ConnectionToSql.FireInfoMessageEventOnUserErrors = True; ConnectionToSql.ChangeDatabase("Northwind1"); } private void ConnectionToSql_InfoMessage(object sender, SqlInfoMessageEventArgs e) { MessageBox.Show(e.Message); }
Understanding Data Types
Contoso, Inc. recently hired you as a system administrator for its small network of ten Windows XP Professional computers. After performing a security audit, you realize that two of the computers have not yet had Service Pack 2 for Windows XP installed. You use Internet Explorer to visit the Windows Update site, and are notified that the computers were activated with invalid product keys. Contoso has purchased additional valid product keys for these computers. What is the quickest way to resolve the problem to allow Service Pack 2 to be installed Choose the correct answer. A. Insert the Windows XP Professional CD-ROM, and then restart the computer. Perform an upgrade installation over the existing Windows XP system directory. When prompted, provide the new valid product key, and then install Service Pack 2. B. Back up all files and settings on each computer. Insert the Windows XP Professional CD-ROM, and then restart the computer. Perform a new installation of Windows XP by reformatting the hard disk. When prompted, provide the new valid product key, and then install Service Pack 2. Restore the files and settings from the backup. C. Change the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version\WPAEvents\OOBETimer Registry value, and then run the Msoobe.exe tool to reset the product activation key. Then install Service Pack 2.
3. Which of the following properties and administrative tasks can be configured or performed simultaneously on more than one user object a. Last Name b. User Logon Name c. Disable Account d. Enable Account e. Reset Password f. Password Never Expires g. User Must Change Password At Next Logon h. Logon Hours i. Computer Restrictions (Logon Workstations) j. Title k. Direct Reports
DeliveryType Identity LastError LastRetryTime MessageCount NextHopConnector NextHopDomain NextRetryTime Status
The bracket portion of the IP addresses indicates the host bits available for addressing. The bold number represents the subnetted network ID portion. Subnet 2 1100 0000.1010 1000.0000 1000.1[000 0000] 1100 0000.1010 1000.0000 1000.1[111 1111]
Learn at Your Own Pace
' VB Private Sub GetAllProcessWithoutMachineName() Dim AllProcesses() As Process = Nothing Try AllProcesses = Process.GetProcesses For Each Current As Process In AllProcesses Console.WriteLine(Current.ProcessName) Next Catch Problem As ArgumentException Console.WriteLine(Problem.Message) End Try End Sub Private Sub GetAllProcessWithMachineName() Dim AllProcesses() As Process = Nothing Try AllProcesses = Process.GetProcesses("machinename") For Each Current As Process In AllProcesses Console.WriteLine(Current.ProcessName) Next Catch Problem As ArgumentException Console.WriteLine(Problem.Message) End Try End Sub // C# private static void GetAllProcessesWithoutMachineName() { Process[] AllProcesses = null; try { AllProcesses = Process.GetProcesses(); foreach (Process Current in AllProcesses) { Console.WriteLine(Current.ProcessName); } } catch (ArgumentException Problem)
Lesson 1
Configuring DHCP Servers and Clients
Contoso decides to open two branch offices: East and West. Computers are purchased for 10 sales representatives in each office. The asset tags assigned to the computers are shown in the following table.
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