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1. Iris new notebook computer has a 16 GB hard disk that you want to configure as a single volume. It is the only hard disk on the computer. Should you create a basic or dynamic disk
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Working with Service Broker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 775
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To suppress the Specify The BitLocker Configuration page and add commands that implement BitLocker on the target computers using TPM and a startup key on drive L, storing the recovery key in Active Directory, use the following code:
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Using Covering Indexes
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Remembering the specific names of the log levels is not as important as being aware that different log levels can produce different instrumentation results.
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Lesson Summary
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Handling DOM Events
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6. On the Create The Data Collector Set page, in the Run As field, type the account name and the password to run the data collector set. Leave the defaults and click Finish. When you create collector sets for long-term use, use a special account that is both a member of the Performance Log Users group and has the Log On As A Batch Job user right to run your collector sets. Note that the Performance Log Users group has this right assigned to it by default. When you finish the New Collector Set Wizard, you are given three options:
This status occurs when the volume is damaged or the file system is corrupt. The failed status might indicate data loss. It is sometimes possible to return the volume to healthy status by using the Reactivate Disk command. If this does not work, you should then try using the Reactivate Volume command.
ErrorProvider1.SetError(TextBox1, "")
Objective 1.3
Practice: On a computer running ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition, open the ISA Server Management Console. Navigate to the Enterprise Policies node under the Enterprise node. From the Tasks pane, select the Create New Enterprise Policy task. This will open the Enterprise Policy Wizard. Enter the policy name ALPHA and click Next. Click Finish to close the wizard. Select the new ALPHA node under the Enterprise Policies node. Create an access rule allowing HTTP traffic from All Protected Networks to External networks for All Users. Click Apply to save the changes to the ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition server. Open the Arrays node. Select the Firewall Policy node. From the Tasks pane, select the Show Enterprise Policy Rules task. Create an Array access rule denying POP3 access from the Internal network to the External network for all
DataRow newRow7 = dataSet1.Tables["Products"].NewRow();
C. Use Directory Services Restore mode on the IIS server to restore the System State
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In this practice, you will use two TCP/IP tools to verify your computer s configuration. Then you will configure your computer to use a static IP address and verify your computer s new configuration. Next, you will configure your computer to use a DHCP server to automatically assign an IP address to your computer (whether or not there is a DHCP server available on your network). Finally, you will test the APIPA feature in Windows XP Professional by disabling the DHCP server, if there is one on your network. If your computer is part of an existing network, use the following table to record the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway that your network administrator provides for you to use during this practice. Ask your network administrator whether there is another computer that you can use to test your computer s connectivity and record the IP address of that computer as well. If you are not on a network, you can use the suggested values.
There are two ways to deploy scripts to your workstations: by specifying them in user objects and by using Group Policy, as described in the following sections.
Application MSN Messenger Windows Messenger Netscape 7 Netscape 6 AOL Messenger (and all Gecko browsers) Yahoo Messenger Kazaa Kazaa
Computer accounts are security principals in the Active Directory just as User and Group Accounts. Computer accounts, at creation, are assigned a security identifier (SID), relative identifier (RID), and globally unique Identifier (GUID). The RID is supplied by a domain controller in the Active Directory from a pool of RIDs distributed by the single domain controller that has been assigned the role of the RID Master. If the RID Master role is unavailable for an extended period of time, RID pools can be exhausted, making the creation of computer accounts in the domain impossible. Computer accounts also have a password which is synchronized, internally, with the Active Directory. If these passwords become unsynchronized, they will need to be reset by the Administrator.
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