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Objective 7.1 Questions 1.
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This lesson concentrates primarily on how to recover from a failure of SQL Server 2005 server. The most likely sort of SQL Server 2005 server failure that you will encounter is a corruption of the program files or the system databases. This lesson deals with the strategies that the database administrator can employ if either of these events occurs. The final part of this lesson provides information about the differences between database recovery models and various database backup methods.
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Case Scenarios
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Maintaining a Mirrored Publication Database
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RAW [FF appended] is the same as the RAW format, except that a form feed character is appended to the end of each print job, which is necessary for certain types of printers. RAW [FF auto] works like RAW [FF appended], except that the processor checks to see if there is a form feed character at the end of a document and if there is not one already, the processor adds one.
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If you set the XMLFragment property to true, SQLXML enables you to bulk load XML fragments (XML data without a root node) instead of XML documents. Set the ErrorLogFile property to a file name. SQLXML will log in this file any unhandled errors that occurred during XML bulk loading. SQLXML uses default implicit transactions, so each BULK INSERT statement will execute in its own transaction.
C. Correct: Tape drives are the traditional method of backing up data and as such
Lesson 2: Consuming Non-WCF Services
Lesson 1
CarRental Admin
The skills that you need to master the Configuring and Managing Remote Network Connectivity objective domain on the Implementing Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 exam include:
All users should be able to read documents and files in the Public folder. All users should be able to create documents in the Public folder. All users should be able to modify the contents, properties, and permissions of the documents that they create in the Public folder. User82 is responsible for maintaining the Public folder and should be able to modify and delete all files in the Public folder.
"server=.\sqlexpress;Integrated Security=SSPI;initial catalog=AdventureWorks" sqlConn.ConnectionString = connString sqlConn.Open() "Return XML data using the FOR XML AUTO clause Dim sqlString As String = "SELECT VendorID, AccountNumber, " + _ "Name, CreditRating " + _ "FROM Purchasing.Vendor " + _ "WHERE ActiveFlag = 1 " + _ "ORDER BY Name " + _ "FOR XML AUTO " Dim command As New SqlCommand(sqlString, sqlConn) "Execute the SQL query and return XML to an XMLReader
How to Add Counters
Table 11-5 Attributes of the <add> Element
Before You Begin
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