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SELECT Department.[DepartmentID] ,History.[EmployeeID] ,History.[StartDate] ,Department.[Name] AS DepartmentName ,DATEDIFF(year, History.[StartDate], GetDate()) AS YearsToDate FROM HumanResources.Department, HumanResources.EmployeeDepartmentHistory History WHERE Department.DepartmentID = History.DepartmentID AND History.EndDate IS NULL ORDER BY Department.[DepartmentID], History.[StartDate] FOR XML AUTO, ELEMENTS
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-- Query #1 SELECT c.CustomerID ,c.AccountNumber ,( SELECT TOP(1) soh.SalesOrderID FROM Test.SalesOrderHeader AS soh WHERE soh.CustomerID = c.CustomerID ORDER BY OrderDate DESC ) AS SalesOrderID ,( SELECT TOP(1) soh.OrderDate FROM Test.SalesOrderHeader AS soh WHERE soh.CustomerID = c.CustomerID ORDER BY OrderDate DESC ) AS OrderDate FROM Test.Customer AS c WHERE c.TerritoryID = 1;
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The following list provides usage examples for common tasks that you might want to perform with Caspol.
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Inherits System.Messaging.MessageQueue
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Standby Categories
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nism. SQL Server uses locking mechanisms to control the integrity of data when it can be accessed by multiple users. A block occurs when a process requests data while that data is exclusively locked by another process.
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Other differences between the two deployment types are as follows:
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C. Incorrect: This service is started manually and does not run by default. It allows pdf417
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// Fires the print event again
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Explain the terminology associated with full-text indexing. Create a full-text index.
Understand how to control color quality and screen resolution. Also understand how to control advanced display settings, such as adapter type, monitor type, and compatibility. You can configure processor scheduling to favor Programs or Background Services. Selecting Programs assigns more resources to the foreground program (the active program that is responding to user input). When you select Background Services, Windows assigns an equal number of resources to all programs.
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Lesson 2 Supporting and Troubleshooting Hardware
Figure 12-19: Verifying practice exercise settings
This section lists supplemental readings by objective. We recommend that you study these sources thoroughly before taking exam 70-291. Objective 4.1 Review Lessons 1, 2 and 3 in 10, Configuring and Managing Remote Access.
Table 10-2
Case Scenario 1: Collecting and Displaying User Data
Opening Device Manager
11. On the Review Your Time And Date Settings page, shown in Figure 1-12, configure the time zone to that of your region, enable adjustment for Daylight Savings Time if your region uses it, and check the date and Time. Then click Next.
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