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Figure 4-16: MSinfo32 displays general system information When you expand Hardware Resources, you can view the Memory, I/O, and IRQ resources used by every device on the computer. However, arguably the most useful information for resolving conflicts is obtained by selecting Conflicts/Sharing, as shown in Figure 4-17. If you are having problems with a particular device, you can search for the device by specifying it in the Find What: box, determining what devices it shares resources with, and identifying possible conflicts.
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Domain local groups are very similar to local groups on a member server in that they are, in a mixed or Windows Server 2003 interim domain functional level domain, limited to the comput
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RAID Choice in a Basic Configuration
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Stress and performance testing are all interrelated. In fact, they are often grouped together as a single test. This is because they each are meant to exercise a system through the simulation of user load. Stress and performance testing are derivatives of load testing. The goal of a load test is to ensure that your application behaves as required given the anticipated load. Stress testing tries to find the application s breaking point by applying additional load or stress until the application no longer behaves as intended. Performance, of course, is a key indicator in each of these tests. However, the primary goal of performance testing is to find the areas in the application that do not perform according to the required standards. This includes verifying your performance under normal load and during stress conditions.
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ToolStrip.Items.Add method returns a reference to the new item so you can set proper ties and events for it at run time. You can also create a new tool strip item and then add it directly, as shown here:
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5. yes, you can use the DMX SELECT FROM <model>.CASES syntax to drill through
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Lesson Summary
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You can use IPSec monitoring tools to ensure that IPSec policies are working as expected. Netsh, IP Security Monitor, Network Monitor captures, and the Security Event log can all be used. You can monitor Kerberos activity to ensure this stronger authentication protocol is being used. Use Network Monitor and the Security Event log. When troubleshooting security protocols, remember that their failure means more than a simple inconvenience. If IPSec policies are failing and communications cannot occur that should be occurring, this is a major problem. However, if IPSec pol icies are failing and communications are occurring that shouldn t occur or shouldn t occur unencrypted this can be a security disaster.
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2. You install a new application, which reports that it is installing a service on the computer. However, when you run the application for the first time, it is unable to start. You inspect the service dependencies for the new service and notice that a service that is required is not started. However, your security policy states that ser vices must remain stopped unless another application requires them to be on. How should you configure the dependent service to start a. Automatic b. Automatic, but pause the service c. Manual d. Disabled
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Back up and restore the SSAS database Monitor SSAS using Traces
' VB Dim email As String = String.Empty Dim claims as IEnumerable(Of Claim) = _ securityContext.AuthorizationContext.ClaimSets(0).FindClaims _ (ClaimTypes.Email, Rights.PossessProperty) Dim c As Claim For Each c in claims email = TryCast(c.Resource, String) Next If String.IsNullOrEmpty(email) Then Throw New SecurityException("Email address claim not found.") End If // C# string email = String.Empty; IEnumerable<Claim> claims = securityContext.AuthorizationContext.ClaimSets[0].FindClaims (ClaimTypes.Email,Rights.PossessProperty); foreach (Claim c in claims) { email = c.Resource as string; } if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(email)) throw new SecurityException("Email address claim not found.");
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Table 19-2
Lesson 1: Creating a Database Snapshot
Describe the benefits and costs of database server consolidation. Describe the process of designing a database server consolidation plan.
Case Scenarios
In the Search Assistant, the Find Printers feature allows you to search for printers in Active Directory when you are logged on to an Active Directory domain. To activate the Search Assistant, click Start, and then click Search. When the Search Assistant has started, click Find Printers. When you have located a printer using Find Printers, you can double-click the printer; or you can right-click it, and then click Connect to make
Using Nslookup to View Zone Data
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You can set most of the options you capture with Profile Wizard on Custom Installation Wizard's Change Office User Settings page. That includes any REG_DWORD and REG_SZ value but not REG_BINARY values. This is useful for customizing a small number of settings or changing a default configuration without rebuilding an OPS file that's already in the MST file. To configure settings on the Change Office User Settings page, shown in Figure 14 4, click a category in the left pane. In the right pane, double click the settings you want to configure and include in your MST file.
Describe what caching is Describe how content download jobs work Describe how caching is implemented with ISA Server 2004 Describe how Web chaining and caching work together
Exam objectives in this chapter:
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