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Whether the server performs other domain or forest roles in addition to being a domain controller. These include the operations master roles such as schema mas ter, domain naming master, infrastructure master, and so on. Refer to 1, Introduction to Active Directory and Network Infrastructure, for a detailed list of these roles. Whether the server is a Global Catalog server. Whether the server is a bridgehead server used for replicating Active Directory information to other sites.
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Objective 2.5
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Lesson 1: Installing Domain Controllers
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Lesson 1
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ISALOG_yyyymmdd_FWS_nnn.iis This file type refers to logs stored in the ISA Server file format. In this format, yyyy represents the year, mm represents the month, dd represents the day, and nnn represents multiple log files created on the same day.
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2. Save the script in your Documents folder as Newuser.ps1 , including the quotes so that Notepad does not add a .txt extension. 3. Open Windows PowerShell. 4. Type get-childitem and press Enter. The Get-ChildItem cmdlet enumerates all child objects of the object currently in the pipe. At the Windows PowerShell prompt, the current directory is in the pipe. 5. Type dir and press Enter. The dir alias refers to the Get-ChildItem cmdlet. 6. Type cd documents and press Enter. You should now be in your Documents folder.
figure 3-11 You can also set property expressions through the task and container editor windows. This figure shows the Foreach Loop Editor with the Property Expressions Editor window open on the Collection tab.
Creating Access Keys
Lesson 3
If a PnP device requires no additional user interaction for installation, and a signed driver is already on the computer, any user can connect and use the device. This applies to any USB, parallel, or IEEE 1394 device, including printers. The Load And Unload Device Drivers user right, configurable through Group Policy, does not apply to PnP drivers and need not be enabled for a user to install a PnP device.
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: Creating a restore point prior to installing a new application enables you to restore the system s configuration if the new application causes problems. However, Windows XP creates a Restore Point automatically when you launch a Setup application. B. Incorrect: Use the Last Known Good Configuration only if the system becomes unbootable. It might be a useful tool if the new application stops your system from starting successfully, but it must not be used prior to installing an application. C. Correct: The Backup Utility enables you to back up all files and configuration settings to removable media. Having a valid backup allows a Windows XP Professional system to be completely rebuilt in the event of a complete failure. Always create a backup of a system before installing a potentially troublesome application. D. Incorrect: Safe mode is a valuable tool for repairing a system that is having problems booting. Use it only after the system has failed, however. E. Incorrect: The Recovery Console can salvage systems that are otherwise completely unbootable. Do not use it prior to installing an application, however, because it does not facilitate backing up files or configurations.
In the following case scenario, you will apply what you ve learned in this chapter. You can find the answers to the questions in the Answers section at the end of this chapter.
Exercise 1: An Event Viewer Console
Decisions About Objects and Counters
Lab: Add Handling of Unmanaged Resources
Planning a Database Server Infrastructure
8 Review
Figure 9-3: User Account Control policies
1. Open the C:\Data\Finance folder and open Current.txt. Modify the file s contents, then save and close the file. 2. Delete the file C:\Data\Finance\Projections.txt.
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