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On which of the Windows Server 2003 system volumes will Windows recommend that you run the defragmenter (Select all that apply.) A. Drive C B. Drive D C. Drive E D. Drive F E. Drive G
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Figure 7-22 Job schedule properties.
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Import-CSV C:\IdentifyUsers.csv | ForEach-Object Process {Get-Mailbox Identity $_.Identity}
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Use the Drillthrough Columns pane to specify the columns to show to the end user when the user initiates the drillthrough action. To do so, from the Dimensions dropdown list, select a dimension such as Product. Then, in the Return Columns drop-down list, select the check box for the columns you want to display. You can choose any measures from the targeted measure group and/or attributes from the dimension joined to it. Select the Product, Color, and Model Name attribute check boxes of the Product dimension, the Date attribute of the Date dimension, and all the measures that are part of the Reseller Sales measure group. Expand the Additional Properties pane. To be sure that the action does not return too many rows and cause performance issues, type 100 in the Maximum Rows box. Deploy the project. To test the drillthrough action, navigate to the Browser tab, and then create a pivot report with the Calendar hierarchy of the Date dimension on columns and the Reseller Sales Amount measure on data. Assuming that the Calendar hierarchy is not expanded to its lowest level, right-click a Reseller Amount cell and notice that the Reseller Details action is not shown. Expand the Calendar hierarchy to the Date level. Again, right-click a Reseller Amount cell, and notice that the Reseller Details action is now available, as Figure 6-11 shows.
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Lesson 1: Modifying Data by Using INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE Statements
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Practice: Troubleshooting Computer Accounts
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Installing AD RMS
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' VB Dim aThread As New Threading.Thread(AddressOf TimeConsumingMethod) aThread.Start(CInt(TextBox1.Text)) // C# System.Threading.Thread aThread = new
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Note Changing the resource assignments for non Plug and Play devices in Device Manager does not change the resources used by that device. You use Device Manager only to instruct the operating system on device configuration. To change the resources used by a non Plug and Play device, consult the device documentation to see whether switches or jumpers must be configured on the device.
To create a folder while logged on as a member of the Administrators group 3. What are the permissions for the Temp2 and Temp3 folders that you just created
Configuring Virtual Private Networks for Remote Clients and Networks
CREATE TABLE Test.Customers ( CustomerID INT PRIMARY KEY ); CREATE TABLE Test.Orders ( OrderID INT PRIMARY KEY ,CustomerID INT NOT NULL CONSTRAINT FKOrdersCustomers REFERENCES Test.Customers (CustomerID) );
Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Wmi Contains classes used to provide programmatic access to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Trace Contains the classes used to read trace data from files, tables, or rowsets
The following three examples show how you can use the sp_addumpdevice stored procedure to create a disk backup device, tape backup device, and network share backup device.
B. Incorrect: Each developer can be assigned a Per User license and this will cover
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Figure 6-2 Selecting the level of SpyNet participation
Objective 3.2
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