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The Import button lets you import Internet Explorer Privacy Preferences files to configure custom privacy settings. These files are written in Extensible Markup Language (XML). The structure and use of Custom Privacy Preferences files is beyond the scope of this book and the 70-620 examination. However, if you want more (highly technical) information, access http://msdn.microsoft.com/library /default.asp url=/workshop/security/privacy/reference/privacy_ref_entry.asp.
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The Purpose of Signing an Assembly with a Strong Name
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4. If the private key belonging to the owner of an encrypted file is not available, how can you decrypt the file
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To choose the right SQL Server 2005 edition for your installation, you should review the functionality of each edition to determine which one will meet your users needs. Table 1-1 provides a quick comparison of the features in each SQL Server 2005 edition.
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Lesson 3
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Before You Begin To complete the exercises in the practices in this chapter, you need to have done the following: Installed Windows 7 on a stand-alone client PC named Canberra, as described in 1, "Install, Migrate, or Upgrade to Windows 7." Installed Windows 7 on a stand-alone client PC named Aberdeen, as described in 6, "Network Settings."
4 Review
After you approve an update on a WSUS server, the WSUS server deploys the update to approved clients that contact the WSUS server from that time forward. You cannot use WSUS to schedule an update for deployment at a specific future time. You can configure an update deadline, but an update deadline is a time in the future by which a deployed update must be installed by a Windows Update client. Organizations that need to schedule updates to be deployed at specific times should deploy System Center Configuration Manager. System Center Configuration Manager allows updates to be deployed at specific future times and dates. System Center Configuration Manager also supports Wake On LAN functionality, which allows compatible clients to be wakened from hibernation by the update server for the deployment and installation of updates. Although you cannot schedule update deployment with WSUS, you can schedule when the Windows Update client on each client computer installs updates. So although you cannot finetune when an update will be downloaded from the WSUS server to the client, you can fine-tune when the client will actually attempt to install that update. You can configure this using the Configure Automatic Updates policy and specifying a scheduled install day and install time. Windows Update then always attempts to install any available updates according to this schedule.
Update-PublicFolder \Accounts -Server Glasgow.
Protecting Data by Using Cryptography
Intrasite replication is optimized for speed. Domain controllers replicate changes when they occur in uncompressed format. Intersite replication is optimized to preserve bandwidth. Replication occurs through bridgehead servers, the data is compressed, and you can schedule the availability of site links and the interval at which replication occurs. A service named the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) automatically creates and adjusts the topology of replication-connection objects necessary for domain controllers to replicate to one another. A site link is an Active Directory object that represents the physical connectivity between two or more sites. For replication to occur between sites, you must estab lish a link between the sites. All sites contained within the site link are considered to be connected by means of the same network type. All site links are assigned a cost that is used in determining the routing preference they are given relative to other site links. By default, all site links are assigned a cost of 100. By default, site links are transitive. You can disable transitivity, but you must then create site-link bridges to ensure a complete replication path throughout the domain.
Scheduled Download Jobs Allowed Sites
How Message Screener Filters Messages
Lesson 1: Designing Instance-level Security
Setting Up a Message Queue Programmatically
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