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ent computers that cannot perform dynamic updates. In such cases, the DHCP server becomes the owner of the record, not the computers themselves. If the downlevel client computer is later upgraded to Windows 2000 or some other operating system that is capable of performing dynamic updates, the computer will not be recognized as the owner and will consequently be unable to update its own records. A similar problem might arise if a DHCP server fails that has regis tered records on behalf of downlevel clients: none of the clients will be able to have their records updated by a backup DHCP server. To avoid such problems, add to the DnsUpdateProxy security group DHCP servers that register records on behalf of other computers. Members of this group are prevented from recording ownership on the resource records they update in DNS. This procedure consequently loosens security for these records until they can be registered by the real owner.
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installing this CA in an external network, you might consider using Web Enrollment to enable users to request certificates from your CA. You cannot choose the Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES) installation at this time because AD CS does not support installing a CA at the same time as you install NDES. If you want to install NDES, you must select Add Role Services from Server Manager after the CA installation has completed. 9. On the Specify Setup Type page, select Enterprise and click Next. 10. On the Specify CA Type page, select Subordinate CA and click Next. 11. On the Set Up Private Key page, select Create A New Private Key and click Next. 12. On the Configure Cryptography For CA page, accept the default values and click Next. 13. On the Configure CA Name page, type Contoso-Issuing-CA01, leave the default distinguished name suffix as is, and click Next. You use a valid name and a number because you should create additional issuing CAs for redundancy purposes. 14. On the Request Certificate From A Parent CA page, select Save A Certificate Request To File And Manually Send It Later To A Parent CA. 15. Select Certificate Request Name from the File Name field and copy it to the clipboard, using Ctrl + C, and then click Browse and navigate to your Documents folder. Paste the name in the File Name field, using Ctrl + V; click Save, and then click Next. 16. On the Configure Certificate Database page, specify the storage locations for the certificate database and the certificate database log. Because this is an issuing CA that will be used for testing only, you can place the data and the logs on the D drive. However, in a production environment, issuing CAs will be used heavily; this means you should place the data on the D drive and the logs on an E drive. 17. For the database location, click Browse, navigate to the D drive, click Make New Folder, and name it CertData. Click OK. 18. For the logs, create a folder on the D drive and name it CertLogs. Click Next when ready. 19. Review the installation of IIS. Click Next. 20. On the Web Server Role Services page, review the required services and click Next. 21. Review the information in the Confirm Installation Selections page and click Install. When the installation completes, review the installation results and click Close. The subordinate CA setup is not usable until it has been issued a root CA certificate and this certificate has been used to complete the installation of this subordinate CA.
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Before You Begin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 146
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Lesson 1: Configuring Tablet PC Software
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Integrate with the Windows 7 Taskbar
Configuration Option Action Traffic Traffic source
Figure 10-4
string CurrentLine;
Note Notice that all the access rules you previously configured were overwritten by the template. Moreover, the perimeter network and network rule that you created in the previous practice were overwritten by the template.
SOAP A platform-independent data-access
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