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certification mode Closely resembles the experience of taking a certification exam. The test has a set number of questions, it is timed, and you cannot pause and restart the timer. study mode Creates an untimed test in which you can review the correct answers and the explanations after you answer each question. custom mode Gives you full control over the test options so that you can customize them to suit your needs. You can click OK to accept the defaults, or you can set the number of questions you want to answer, define the way the practice test software works, choose the exam objectives to which you want the questions to relate, and indicate whether you want your lesson review to be timed. If you are retaking a test, you can indicate whether you want to see all the questions again or only those questions you previously missed or did not answer.
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Description Retrieves the output channel for the sender. Specifies the SOAP message receiver endpoint, which is where you indicate the communication protocol and specify the URI to be accessed. Retrieves or sets the object that allows custom filtering of messages. Retrieves or sets a Boolean value that indicates whether the message must be encoded with MTOM. This is used when adding an attachment. Retrieves or sets an object that represents state information for a SOAP message.
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Lesson 2
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You can use Exchange Management Shell commands to return details of all mailboxes that have exceeded size limits and a list of the largest mailboxes in your organization.
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not low on memory.
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// Strongly typed SensorList of type AmbientLightSensor SensorList<AmbientLightSensor> alsList = null; try { alsList = SensorManager.GetSensorsByTypeId<AmbientLightSensor>(); } catch (SensorPlatformException) { //handle error when no sensor device is accessible }
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If MessageQueue.Exists(cQueueName) Then
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Sizing Memory Through Workload Analysis
To complete the lessons in this chapter, you should be familiar with developing Microsoft Windows applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 using Visual Basic or C#. In addition, you should be comfortable with all the following tasks:
Sydney Resource domain
index_id partition_number rows ----------- ---------------- -------------------0 0 0 0 0 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 5000 5000 5000 4185 0 5000 5000 5000 4185 0
Installing and Configuring Office Applications
int testInteger;
Validating XML with XmlValidatingReader
Lesson 2: Implementation Practices
Setting folder Locations
Space utilization
When you first open the System Information window, you might experience a delay while the utility scans your system for the most current configuration information. After the scan is complete, a System Summary (as shown in Figure 6-8) displays general information about the system, including the operating system version, computer name, processor type, BIOS version, and memory statistics.
Password problems are the second-most common type of logon problem, following problems with network connectivity. If users see the error message, Unknown Username Or Bad Password, they probably are not logging on correctly. The common causes of this error message are the following:
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