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Console.WriteLine("Hit enter...")
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Using Open and Repair From the File menu, choose Open, and select the file to recover. Click the arrow next to the Open button, and select Open And Repair. Dealing with User Errors From the File menu, locate the lost file, or on the Start menu, choose My Recent Documents and select the file to reopen.
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REAL WORLD Orin Thomas As an experienced IT professional, people come to you for advice on computer-related subjects because you have knowledge and expertise that they lack. When a new operating system is released, people who trust you will want to know if you think they should start using it. They will want to know what features it has that make it different from what they are using now. They will want to know if their current hardware and software are compatible or if they will need a new computer. Although this book focuses on deploying and supporting Windows 7 in an organizational environment, many of the people that will seek out your advice will be family, friends, and coworkers. If you are to give them good advice, you need to know on what sort of hardware Windows 7 runs well and on what sort of hardware it runs poorly. You need to be able to evaluate whether hardware devices and software that they own work with Windows 7 or whether they are incompatible. Before they upgrade, they need to know that their 5-year-old multifunction printer and scanner do not work with Windows 7, rather than finding out after it is too late. When it comes to providing advice to people that trust you about important things, a best guess is not good enough.
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Enter a series of names to be used during the various iterations of the script. Click Import and provide the name of a text file that has one computer name per line listed. Setup imports and uses these names as the computer names in the various iterations of the script. Select Automatically Generate Computer Names Based On Organization Name to allow the system to automatically generate the computer names to be used.
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Before You Begin
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types are caught before general exception types.
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Installing Windows XP Professional from a CD-ROM
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At Home: Playing and Sharing Digital Media
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Figure 5-26
The key reason that power users want to create administrative templates is to customize settings that have no user interface. By creating an administrative template, you give those settings a user interface, preventing human error. The following listing is a sample administrative template that does just that. It defines a handful of custom settings that Tweak UI (see 5, "Mapping Tweak UI") contains. Figure 6 6 on page 180 shows what this administrative template looks like in the Group Policy editor.
try or sets a desktop shortcut. Uninstall the application, and verify that everything is as it should be.
Case Scenario 2: Tuning Replication
1. What techniques did you use to limit your exposure to SQL injection vulnerabilities entered into the queryIDInput TextBox
Routing table viewed from a command prompt
Maintaining a Network Infrastructure
The Services console offers an important addition to the Start, Stop, Pause, and Resume controls available in both the DHCP console and the command-line interface. In the Startup Type drop-down list, you can select the Disabled option. When this option is selected, the service cannot be started until the setting is changed. This setting is useful, for example, when you need to move a DHCP database to another computer and you want to ensure that the old server remains stopped even after you perform the migration.
Getting Required Updates After Installation
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