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Lesson 2
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System.Windows.Forms.SaveFileDialog _fd = new System.Windows.Forms.SaveFileDialog(); _fd.Title = "Please choose a location to save your file"; _fd.FileName = "[Get Folder ]"; _fd.Filter = "Library|no.files"; if (_fd.ShowDialog() == System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK) { string dir_path = System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(_fd.FileName); if (dir_path != null && dir_path.Length > 0) { lblResult.Content = dir_path; } }
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If you run this code, the two strings will not be considered equal. Even though the cultural information will evaluate to true, the casing is different. To handle items like this, you can use members of the CompareOptions enumeration to control how download
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GPO is, in effect, a template. Unfortunately, Microsoft had already been using the term template in the context of administrative templates, so another name had to be found. When you create a new GPO, you can still choose to begin with a blank GPO, or you can select one of the preexisting starter GPOs or a custom starter GPO.
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domainName: the domain or zone, for example, _sites: all sites registered with DNS siteName: the site of the domain controller registering the service _tcp: any TCP-based services in the site kerberos: a Kerberos Key Distribution Center (KDC) using TCP as its transport protocol
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figure 6-7 Use the KPI Browser to test a KPI.
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<Purchasing.PurchaseOrderHeader SumSubTotal="572.1660" SumTaxAmt="45.7732" SumFreight="14.3040" SumTotalDue="632.2432" />
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Page 4-25
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Creating a child public folder
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Table 11-2 Attributes That Control XML Formatting
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Healthy (At Risk) If the disk status is Online (Errors), the volumes will be accessible, but all volumes will display this status. Restoring the disk to Online will clear this status from the volume. Initializing The volume is in the process of initializing. No action is required. Once the initialization is complete, the volume should show a status of Healthy.
When the current UI culture is set, the application loads resources specific to that cul ture if they are available. If culture-specific resources are unavailable, the user inter face displays resources for the default culture. Note that the UI culture must be set before a form that displays any localized resources is loaded. If you want to set the UI culture programmatically, you must set it before the form has been created either in the form s constructor or in the applica tion s Main method.
Installing AD CS
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obscure the first block of data being encrypted, which makes unauthorized decrypting more difficult.
Imports System.IO
DrawString Draws the specified text string at the specified location with the
To create the account for the RODC, using the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in, right-click the Domain Controllers OU and choose Pre-Create Read-Only Domain Controller Account. A wizard appears that is very similar to the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard. You are asked to specify the RODC name and site. You are also able to configure the password replication policy, as detailed in 8. On the Delegation Of RODC Installation And Administration page, you can specify one security principal user or group that can attach the server to the RODC account you create. The user or group will also have local administrative rights on the RODC after the installation. It is recommended that you delegate to a group rather than to a user. If you do not specify a user or group, only members of the Domain Admins or Enterprise Admins groups can attach the server to the account.
The Windows XP Professional implementation of TCP/IP supports automatic assignment of IP addresses for simple LAN-based network configurations. This addressing mechanism is an extension of dynamic IP address assignment for LAN adapters, enabling configuration of IP addresses without using static IP address assignment or using a DHCP server. Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) is enabled by default in Windows XP Professional so that home users and small business users can create a functioning, single-subnet, TCP/IP-based network without having to configure the TCP/IP protocol manually or set up a DHCP server.
Figure 6-7 Configuring cache rule content retrieval settings Table 6-4 Configuring Content Retrieval Settings
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