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HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Infodelivery\Restrictions\NoTheaterMode
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Figure 14-13 Specifying backup options
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rently live. Create a specific culture to represent that area. Choose any symbol you like to represent the currency, and choose a date format you ve never seen
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figURE 8-2 Configuring update settings during installation
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Monitoring Microsoft Windows Server 2003
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Lesson 2: Setting Up Replication
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Exercise 2
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SQL Reporting Server
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Introduction to Networking
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Diagnose causes of failures. Failure types include database failures, physical server failures, and SQL Server service failures.
Backing Up Data
The security log contains two additional event categories that are used for auditing purposes: Audit Success and Audit Failure. Figure 9-28 shows details of an error event. This is a failure in performance counter data collection for a particular service, which would be unfortunate if you were relying
The standard signature of an event handler delegate defines a method that does not return a value, whose first parameter is of type Object and refers to the instance that raises the event, and whose second parameter is derived from type EventArgs and holds the event data. If the event does not generate event data, the second parameter
You are a DST for a small law firm. You installed Windows XP in an office that has 35 computers that are all running Windows XP. After leaving the user s office, you imme diately receive a telephone call from her claiming that she cannot connect to the Internet. All the other users are able to connect with no problem. You return to the user s office and type in the ipconfig command at her workstation and see the following IP configuration: IP address, subnet mask, and no IP address assigned for the default gateway. What could be a possible solution for this problem A. You should enter a valid IP address for the default gateway. B. You should enter the ipconfig /renew command at the user s workstation to have TCP/IP configuration information sent to the workstation from the DHCP server. C. You should configure the IP address for the DNS server. D. You should contact the Internet service provider (ISP) that the company is using and notify it of the problem.
13: Case Scenario Answers
Scenario Use Use the Driver page of the device s Properties dialog box to remove an updated driver and reinstall the last driver that was working properly. Contact the vendor to resolve the issue with the new driver.
The risks of calling unmanaged components are great. Unmanaged components oper ate outside of the common language runtime, and therefore are exempt from Code Access Security (CAS) checks. Additionally, because unmanaged components lack strong naming, there is a greater risk that an attacker will replace the components with malicious code. As a result, you should call unmanaged components only when abso lutely necessary. When you do have to call them, however, you can limit the risk that they will perform malicious acts by instructing users to run your application with a lim ited permission user account. Role-based security enforced by the operating system will affect both managed and unmanaged code. Calling managed components also carries risk. First, if the component is unsigned, an attacker could modify or replace it. Second, the developer might not be as rigorous as you are about using secure coding best practices, and thus might expose a security vul nerability. Finally, it s possible that the developer will add malicious code that performs an attack against you, such as transmitting private information, opening a backdoor, or destroying your data. The most effective way to limit these risks is to use the principle of least privilege, and configure code access security to grant minimal rights to the .NET component.
Because macros are Visual Basic programs, they can contain viruses or pose security risks. Microsoft Excel offers several choices for dealing with this risk. Four security lev els can be set for macros:
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