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For more information about the Set-SendConnector and Set-ReceiveConnector cmdlets, search Exchange Server 2007 Help for Set-SendConnector and Set-ReceiveConnector or access http:// and bb125140.aspx.
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User-Level Security
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D. Correct: This step will synchronize the computer account with its counterpart in
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ISA Server provides intrusion detection for well-known IP attacks listed in Table 7-4.
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To further practice and reinforce the skills you learned in this chapter, you can perform the following tasks:
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Figure 13-48: The Processor Affinity dialog box Configuring Networking Performance Networking performance on an enterprise network depends upon a large number of factors, such as the type of Ethernet or wireless connections used, the speed of switches and routers, the number of devices on a network, and so on. However, in a small network, users tend to define networking performance by the speed of connection to other computers on the network (if they are transferring files) and the performance of their Internet connections. Configuring Internet Options can have a significant effect on networking performance and on computer performance in general. As an IT professional, you are aware that temporary Internet files can take up a considerable amount of disk space and should be deleted on a regular basis. You know that users with excessively large mailboxes can experience lengthy logon times, especially when they are own loading their profiles from a central server in the enterprise environment. These however, are matters that involve user training rather than configuration. The Internet Options dialog box offers configuration options that can affect networking performance. You can access this dialog box from Network And Internet on Control Panel or from your browser. On the General tab, you can delete temporary Internet files and other downloaded information such as Web form information. However, in the context of networking performance settings, the most significant tab in the dialog box is the Advanced tab, shown in Figure 13-49.
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Using Secure Coding Best Practices
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Answer C is correct. If messages are composed in plain text, the plain text font will be applied. Answer A is incorrect because the font would not be listed if it were not available. Answer B is incorrect because the display settings do not have anything to do with the configured fonts. Answer D is incorrect because it applies only when a plain text message is selected.
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2. You are configuring WSUS for a group of Web servers. You want the Web servers to update themselves nightly based on a list of approved updates on your WSUS server. However, once in a while an administrator is logged on, performing latenight maintenance on a Web server, and you do not want update installation and potential restart to interfere with those tasks. What Windows Update policy configuration should you use in this scenario a. Notify For Download And Notify For Install b. Auto Download And Notify For Install c. Auto Download And Schedule The Install 3. You want all network clients to download and install updates automatically during night hours, and you have configured scheduled installation behavior for Automatic Updates. However, you discover that some users are turning off their machines at night, and updates are not being applied. Which policy allows you to correct this situation without changing the installation schedule a. Specify Intranet Microsoft Update Service Location b. No Auto-Restart For Scheduled Automatic Updates Installations c. Reschedule Automatic Updates Scheduled Installations d. Configure Automatic Update
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Soft page fault
SpinWait VolatileRead VolatileWrite
The correct answer is d. Although hardware RAID is more expensive than software fault tolerance, it provides faster disk I/O than software fault tolerance. In addition, hardware fault-tolerance solutions might implement hot swapping of hard disks to allow for replacement of a failed hard disk without shutting down the computer and hot sparing so that a failed disk is automatically replaced by an online spare.
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Encrypted SSL connections All network traffic, including the confidential parts of the authentication process, is sent using an encrypted SSL connection that is created between the client and server. In addition, the client and server will automatically detect if the data sent over an encrypted SSL connection has been altered in transit.
in other assemblies.
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