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Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
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' VB Dim a As SByte = 0 Dim b As Byte = 0 Dim c As Int16 = 0 Dim d As Int32 = 0 Dim e As Int64 = 0 Dim s As String = "" Dim ex As Exception = New Exception // C# SByte a = 0; Byte b = 0; Int16 c = 0; Int32 d = 0; Int64 e = 0; string s = ""; Exception ex = new Exception();
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Monitoring Subscription Information
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Troubleshoot Terminal Services
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The organization-based model provides a number of advantages, including the following:
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1. Which queue feature controls how many applications are available to process messages placed on a queue A. retention B. activation C. Maximum Number Of Queue Readers D. Stored Procedure To Execute 2. Which Service Broker objects are defined by a service (Choose all that apply.) A. message type B. dialog C. queue D. contract
Securing Remote Assistance
Before you configure ISA Server to grant access to Internet resources, you must choose which ISA Server clients to use within your network. ISA Server 2004 supports three clients: SecureNAT clients, Firewall clients, and Web Proxy clients. The Firewall client provides the highest level of functionality but also requires that the Firewall Client application be installed and configured on all client computers. SecureNAT and Web Proxy clients are easier to deploy because they do not require a client application installation, but SecureNAT clients and Web Proxy clients also provide more limited functionality. One of your tasks as an ISA Server administrator is to choose the client that best suits your organization.
This setup will be sufficient to test basic AD FS installation and configuration. Testing all of AD FS capabilities requires client machines as well and might be beyond the laboratory capabilities of most readers. Note that you can create an AD FS environment with fewer computers, as outlined in the Microsoft Step-by-Step Guide for AD FS, which is available at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx familyid=062F7382-A82F-4428-9BBD-A103B9F27654&displaylang=en, but it is not recommended to install AD FS on an AD DS domain controller; therefore, the recommended setup is as outlined here.
Supporting Offline Files
IAS performs centralized accounting, authentication, authorization, and auditing for dial-up, VPN, and wireless connections. A RADIUS server is a server that authenticates, authorizes, and performs account ing functions when a connection attempt is made from a remote access client. A RADIUS client can be a dial-up server, VPN server, or a wireless access point (AP). When a remote access client attempts a connection to any of these servers, the RADIUS client receives the request and forwards it to the RADIUS server. A RADIUS proxy determines which RADIUS server to forward a request to. For example, a RADIUS client would receive a connection request from a remote access client, forward the request to the RADIUS proxy, and the RADIUS proxy would then forward the request to the appropriate RADIUS server.
1. How will you configure the head office ISA Server computer and how will you configure DNS to enable the required access
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