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High-safety mode with automatic failover
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Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is correct or incorrect are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
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WEBMETHOD 'BillofMaterials'
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Protecting Data by Using Cryptography
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5. Right-click the Desktops OU and choose Properties.
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NLB can be used to load-balance all types of network traffic going into the array. When clients connect to an NLB cluster, they use the shared IP address for the cluster. However, CARP cannot use the shared IP address because the client requests must be sent to a specific ISA Server. Because of this, CARP does not include the virtual IP address in the script sent to clients or when server-side requests are forwarded to other array members. Instead, CARP uses the specific IP address for the ISA Server computer.
Triggers and business logic
2. Taking into account what you have learned about workgroups and domains, network topologies, corporate and noncorporate tier structures, call center environ ments, hands-on repair shops, and ISPs, describe which environment you would most like to work in. Cite five reasons for your decision.
Page 6-34
These values indicate that the computer is experiencing a shortage of memory. The acceptable level of Pages/sec is under 20. At the current average rate of 92 Pages/sec, the operating system is spending too much time moving data in and out of physical memory and the paging file. Also, the %Disk Time statistic indicates a potential hard disk performance issue (73 percent, and the acceptable maximum value is 50 percent). The hard disk could be a problem, but it is more likely that the increased paging is causing the hard disk to work much harder than it has to. Increasing the amount of memory in the computer decreases the amount of paging required, which in turn decreases the load on the hard disk, which will most likely cause the %Disk Time counter to drop below the acceptable threshold.
In this practice, you will check the status of existing volumes on your computer by using Disk Management and also change the drive letter for a volume.
Enabling Secure Access to Internet Resources
For details about all the practice test options available, see the How to Use the Practice Tests section in this book s Introduction.
Differential and differential file backups
Imports Imports Imports Imports Imports Imports Imports Imports
1. MSmerge_contents and MSmerge_genhistory. 2. The merge engine uses the metadata to determine the changes that need to be applied. Because both publisher and subscriber maintain a full history of all changes, and the metadata is stored within the same database partic ipating in replication, backup/restore processes keep the metadata syn chronized with the data being replicated. This ensures that the merge engine can recover, even from a restore operation, and incrementally resyn chronize itself.
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