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Windows Server 2003 SP1, Enterprise Edition, (A 180-day Evaluation Edition of Windows Server 2003 with SP1 and R2, Enterprise Edition, is included on the CD-ROM.) Windows XP Professional (Not included on the CD-ROM. Required in optional hands-on exercises only.)
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Asynchronous Programming Techniques
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New features of Event Log
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The Estimated Storage Reaches option lets you limit the number of aggregations by the storage space they use. With this option, the Aggregation Design Wizard will create aggregations until they consume the specified amount of disk space or until the 100 percent aggregation threshold is reached. Use the Performance Gain Reaches option to specify a hypothetical percentage improvement in query performance that you expect the aggregation design to yield. Contrary to what you might expect, a performance gain of 100 percent does not create all possible aggregations for the selected partition. Instead, it simply means that the wizard will keep adding aggregations until a hypothetical 100 percent improvement in query performance is reached. In general, a performance gain of 20 percent to 30 percent should be adequate for most cubes.
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1. Which of the following versions of Windows Server 2003 require product activa tion (Select all that apply.) a. Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, retail version b. Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, evaluation version c. Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, Open License version d. Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, Volume License version
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To Take Ownership of a Printer
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Every member computer in an Active Directory domain maintains a computer account with a user name (sAMAccountName) and password, just like a user account does. The computer stores its password in the form of a local security authority (LSA) secret and changes its password with the domain every 30 days or so. The Netlogon service uses the credentials to log on to the domain, which establishes the secure channel with a domain controller.
Lesson 2: Managing XML with the XML Document Object Model . . . . . . . . . . . . . 465
Quick Reference
4. If this is the first time you run the Backup Once Wizard, choose Different Options and click Next. If not, you can also choose The Same Options. 5. Click Full Server (recommended) and click Next. Note that you can also check Custom, but you will not be able to omit anything other than specific volumes. You will not be able to omit folders. Remember that your DCs should be single-purpose servers and, as such, you would not need to exclude any volumes. However, if you are backing up to a local disk, you should exclude this volume from the backup operation. Note that when you use the custom option, you can select an option called Enable System Recovery, which will automatically capture all the data required to recover a full system.
Taking Advantage of Platform Security
Common service calls associated with newsgroups include blocking messages from a particular sender, blocking unwanted messages, and resolving problems with sending or receiving posts. Users might also need to cancel a subscription to a newsgroup or view newsgroups without subscribing at all.
In Lesson 1, you briefly examined the various zone types available in Windows Server 2003. Here, the zone types will be addressed in more detail so that you can determine which zone type is best suited for your organization.
Mutex class The purpose of the Mutex class is to provide a locking mechanism, and it works in much the same way as the Monitor class. The major difference is that the Mutex class can lock data across AppDomain and process boundaries. To use a Mutex, follow these steps: 1. Create an instance of the Mutex class to be shared across any threads:
1. The available communication channels are HTTP, TCP, and IPIPC is out of the question because it is used only for communication on a single machine. In the presented scenario, either HTTP or TCP could be used over the Web. However, TCP is typically used for intranet communication and with a binary formatter. TCP could be used with a SOAP formatter and could provide some security ben efits by utilizing an uncommon port. Due to the remote object being hosted using IIS, HTTP is the default channel and is perfectly suited to the scenario. 2. The remote object could be activated on the server or on the client. To improve performance somewhat, the remote object should be activated on the server, as this arrangement will minimize data being sent over the Web. If the object is acti vated on the client, the entire object will need to be passed to the client. Further more, if the object is activated on the client, the object typically will not have access to the database on the server. With the object activated on the server, a Singleton object would be best suited to the Web environment, as it can maintain state between client calls.
Figure B-16
UPDATE Categories SET CategoryName = 'Dried Produce' OUTPUT inserted.CategoryID, deleted.CategoryName , inserted.CategoryName, getdate(), SUSER_SNAME() INTO CategoryChanges WHERE CategoryID = 7;
(CompleteFilePath, System.IO.FileMode.Open, System.IO.FileAccess.Read); // The reader reads the binary data from the FileStream.
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