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{ EventLog DemoLog = new EventLog(); DemoLog.Log = "Chap10Demo"; foreach (EventLogEntry DemoEntry in DemoLog.Entries) { Console.WriteLine(DemoEntry.Source + ":" + DemoEntry.Message); } }
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Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Disk Defragmenter.
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How would you configure these programs within Internet Explorer
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used by the CLR provide functions to access such resources. The system must provide a secure way for CLR code to access machine resources outside the database engine process. Code Access Security (CAS) is implemented in the CLR host through the use of assemblylevel attributes. These attributes are deployed to the database within the assembly. The attributes and their function are shown in Table B-1.
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Configuring Firewall and Remote Support Settings
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1. 2.
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Creating jobs
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This lesson is focused on reducing the attack surface of the computer running ISA Server and of ISA Server itself. Reducing the attack surface means that you eliminate as many of the avenues of attack as possible without losing the required functionality. For example, you disable a system service so that an attacker can never gain access to the server using that service. You avoid running non-essential applications on the computer running ISA Server to ensure that a security flaw in that application cannot be used to compromise the server. Reducing the attack surface can also mean that you reduce the larger risk to your organization in the event of a security breach on the ISA Server computer. For example, never install ISA Server on a domain controller because Windows domain controllers require many different ports to be accessible to client computers, resulting in a complicated configuration. In addition, if an attacker can gain access to the domain database, the attacker may be able to compromise all user accounts, or perhaps damage the database so that no one can log on. As much as possible, your ISA Server computer should be dedicated to operating only as an ISA Server computer with all other functionality disabled.
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Analyzing Queries
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12. Ensure that the query executed successfully. Replace the code in step 10 with the following code:
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Windows Server 2003 supports one RAID implementation (striped, RAID-0) that is not fault-tolerant and two implementations that provide fault tolerance: mirrored volumes (RAID-1) and striped volumes with parity (RAID-5). You can create fault-tolerant RAID volumes only on dynamic disks formatted with NTFS. With Windows Server 2003 implementations of RAID, there is no fault tolerance following a failure until the fault is repaired. If a second fault occurs before the data lost from the first fault is regenerated, you can recover the data only by restoring it from a backup.
Configuring Advanced DNS Server Properties
Business Requirements
To return Windows Media Player to Full Mode, click the Exit Full Screen button. On the View menu, click Skin Mode.
For a full list of Microsoft certifications, go to http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/default.asp.
Configure account policies. Configure audit policy by using GPOs. Configure Active Directory replication. Configure the read-only domain controller (RODC).
Defragmenting Indexes
Use the following questions to help determine whether you have learned enough to move on to the next lesson. If you have difficulty answering these questions, review the material in this lesson before beginning the next lesson. You can find answers to these questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. What are the minimum and recommended memory requirements for installing Windows XP Professional
StateChanged Event
[ Version] Signature=$CHICAGO$ [DefaultInstall] AddReg=Reg.Settings AddReg=Reg.Uninstall CopyFiles=Inf.Copy [DefaultUninstall]
Database mirroring s High Performance operating mode uses a principal and a mirror database but does not need a witness server. This operating mode provides a warm standby configuration that does not support automatic failure detection or failover. High Performance operating mode does not automatically fail over because the application s transactions are sent to the mirror asynchronously. Transactions are committed to the principal database and acknowledged to the application. A separate process constantly sends those transactions to the mirror, which introduces latency into the process. This latency prevents a database mirroring session from automatically failing over because the process cannot guarantee that SQL Server has received all transactions at the mirror when a failure occurs. Because the transfer is asynchronous, High Performance operating mode does not affect application performance, and you can have greater geographic separation between the principal and mirror. However, this mode increases latency and can lead to greater data loss in the event of a primary database failure.
The Microsoft Software Update Services enable you to centralize and manage the approval and distribution of Windows critical updates and Windows security rollups. One or more SUS servers host lists of approved updates and, optionally but typi cally, the update files themselves. Automatic Updates clients are configured, usu ally through GPOs, to obtain updates from intranet SUS servers, rather than from Microsoft Windows Update. Software Update Services does not distribute service packs. Service packs can be obtained free of charge from Microsoft. If the service pack is a single file, it can be extracted from the command prompt by entering the service pack s filename followed by the -x switch. Service packs are deployed easily by assigning a software installation package to the computer configuration s software settings policies in a GPO. Tracking and managing licenses and compliance is an important part of an admin istrator s job. Windows Server 2003 gives you the ability to assign licenses based on concurrent connections to a specific server or to maintain a license for each device or user that connects to any number of servers in your enterprise. Licenses are replicated between servers License Logging service and the site license server. The site license server can be identified using Active Directory Sites And Services, but site licensing is administered using the Licensing tool in the Administrative Tools programs group. A license group enables users to share one or more devices. The number of Windows Device CALs is assigned to the license group.
' VB Dim UsersCulture As CultureInfo = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture Console.WriteLine("The current culture of this application is : " _ + UsersCulture.Name) Console.WriteLine("The Display Name of this application is : " _ + UsersCulture.DisplayName) Console.WriteLine("The Native Name of this application is : " _ + UsersCulture.NativeName) Console.WriteLine("The ISO Abbreviation of this application is : " _ + UsersCulture.TwoLetterISOLanguageName) // C# CultureInfo UsersCulture = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture; Console.WriteLine("The current culture of this application is : " + UsersCulture.Name); Console.WriteLine("The Display Name of this application is : " + UsersCulture.DisplayName); Console.WriteLine("The Native Name of this application is : " + UsersCulture.NativeName); Console.WriteLine("The ISO Abbreviation of this application is : " + UsersCulture.TwoLetterISOLanguageName);
1. What is the difference between a duplex binding and a nonduplex binding 2. Are there limitations regarding the type of shared listeners that can be configured on a single endpoint Quick Check Answers 1. Duplex bindings allow the service to send a callback to the client. The underlying assumption is that the client is capable of receiving WCF messages as well as sending them. 2. The only limitation is found in the physical capabilities of the binding. It would not be possible to have two HTTP-based bindings at the same endpoint because the listener would not be able to distinguish between the incoming messages.
Name The name of the securable. Type The type of the securable. Add
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