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rule that controls Internet access. This rule applies to any computer on any internal network. If you add an array, the rule would automatically apply to the internal network of that array, so long as it is within the IP address range of the enterprise network.
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Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: Users who are members of the Pragmatics user set and the Relativists user set are specifically excluded from the PPTP according to Rule Chetiri. B. Incorrect: The key to why this answer is incorrect is the Network Address Translation Traversal (NAT-T) protocol. Any VPN server published through a remote ISA Server 2004 computer will require use of the NAT-T protocol, which can only be used by the Existentialists group. C. Incorrect: Rule Trio does not grant access to the Relativists user set, only to the Existentialists, Nihilists, Philosophers, and Pragmatics user sets. D. Correct: Use of L2TP/IPSec to servers published through remote ISA Server 2004 computers requires Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Client and IPSec NAT-T Client connections. Rule Dva and Ras grant the appropriate access.
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For a single-document interface (SDI) application you might create a set of menu items that allow access to various modules or categories in your application. For example, you might arrange an order management system with menus for Orders, Invoicing, Customers, Help, and so on. Toolbar A Windows toolbar typically provides access to features of the application. A toolbar is often context-sensitive. It might categorize a group of features with which a user is working, or it might apply to a single document type. Users expect toolbars to provide quick navigation to features. Toolbars are sometimes also used to give users a means to navigate quickly to modules within the application. You should be careful with this; it can be seen as a nonstandard mechanism. It s often better to use the toolbars just for feature access and provide navigation to modules through a pane (a dockable window on the side of an application). Context menus Users want the application to think like they do. If they are viewing data or a feature, they expect to have the obvious links and navigational items available from their mouse button. This means creating right-click (or context) menus that provide context-sensitive navigation that is meaningful to the user. Tabs Tabs and the tab container control are great ways to categorize a set of elements that roll up to a given feature or module. This can cut down on the number of elements on a screen and still provide users with the feeling that they have instant access to these features. You do not want to overuse tabs. You want to try and avoid creating an application whose primary navigation is a large set of tabs and perhaps tab containers that contain
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Lesson 1: Tuning Queries
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// This method must handle the PrintPages event
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Configure ISA Server 2004 for automatic client configuration by using Web Proxy Automatic Discovery (WPAD).
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Serializing This event is raised just before serialization takes place. Apply the
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Configuring the Active Directory Infrastructure
The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
2. You are helping a user perform a remote installation from a RIS server on his notebook computer. He has a boot disk that his administrator told him will force the computer to boot from the network and start the installation. However, when he tries to start the computer by using the boot disk, he receives an error stating that a supported network card could not be found. You verify that the user s network adapter is functional by installing it on another computer and connecting to the network. What is likely to be the problem
Even the process that you use to design your application should consider security. Here is an example of a security-oriented design process: 1. The organization assigns a single person to be ultimately responsible for security issues. This person can be a developer, manager, or the Chief Security Officer. 2. All developers receive security training. 3. All developers follow the code review processes and coding guidelines that the organization has in place to ensure all developers adhere to secure design prac tices. 4. Engineers with security experience analyze all code for security vulnerabilities before releasing it to customers. Requiring your application to withstand a tiger team analysis from an objective outside organization can identify vulnerabilities before the application is deployed in production environments.
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Outbound filters enable an administrator to filter the traffic that is outbound to the Internet. For example, the administrator can restrict traffic originating from a particular IP address from accessing the Internet. Outbound filters are useful for blocking traffic from specific applications, such as instant messaging services.
WPF4 contains a number of API enhancements to allow you to build applications to support touch and gestures. We ll take a look at these APIs in this section, some of which you ve already used, but you ll see them in a little more detail now.
memStream = new MemoryStream(imageStream);
DBUserName 1 (column 40) The SQL Server user name of the client. Duration (column 13)
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