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Missing Toolbar, Links Bar, or Status Bar
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Designing Internet Connectivity
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Description The name of your ISP is typically used as the connection name for dial-up connections to the Internet. The phone number you use to connect to your ISP. You will be prompted to enter the ISP account name and password. You can select or clear the following two check boxes: Use This Account Name And Password When Anyone Connects To The Internet From This Computer Make This The Default Internet Connection
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Before we continue looking at more details of creating the different types of SQLCLR objects, it is worth noting that you can also store the CLR source code in the database. SQL Server does not use the source code, but it is handy to store the code in the database because it is then possible to retrieve it from the database later (you may have lost the actual source code by then. . .). To add a source code file to the database, execute the following statement:
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The FileSystemInfo classes (FileInfo and DirectoryInfo) can be used to navigate the file system and get information about files and directories, including size, time stamps, names, attributes, and so on. The File class provides a jumping-off point to creating or opening files in the file system. The FileStream class can be used to stream data into or out of the file system. The StreamReader and StreamWriter classes are instrumental in dealing with moving data into and out of streams, including FileStreams, MemoryStreams, and IsolatedStorageFileStreams. The .NET Framework supports two classes for compressing data: the GZipStream class and the DeflateStream class. Isolated storage provides a safe place to keep data about a specific assembly, user, or application. Because isolated storage requires so few security rights, it is the best way to store data without having to grant an application with permissive rights to a user s system.
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As noted in 6, Designing a Windows 7 Client Deployment Strategy, by selecting the LTI deployment option, you are committing to having someone at each target workstation to initiate the Windows 7 installation process. Beyond that requirement, the LTI deployment process is quite flexible. This lesson examines the LTI deployment process in detail and explains how you can customize the process to your organization s needs.
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Figure 10-9
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Commands that enable you to obtain information about public folders use the GetPublicFolder cmdlet. However, these commands return only information that is not related to e-mail settings. If you want to get mail-related information about mailenabled public folders, you need to use the use the Get-MailPublicFolder cmdlet. The root public folder (\) exists by default above each top-level public folder. It forms part of an Identity parameter value, for example, \Accounts. If you want to obtain information about the root public folder, you can use the command Get-PublicFolder with no parameters, or Get-PublicFolder Identity \ . To get a list of the names of the root public folder and all the public folders below it in the hierarchy, you can use the command GetPublicFolder -Recurse | Format-List Name. Note the optional use of the pipe (|) operator in this command. This transfers the output of the Get-PublicFolder Recurse command into the Format-List Name command, which lists the public folder names. Figure 4-9 shows the output of a Get-PublicFolder Recurse command piped into Format-List Name. To get information about a specific public folder, you can use the Get-Public Folder cmdlet, followed by the identity of the folder (for example, \Accounts). Optionally, you can pipe the output into Format-List Name. If you want information about the public folder and its children, you specify the Recurse parameter. If you want information only about the children of the public folder you have specified, you replace the
Open a new query window in SSMS. In the existing query window, type and execute the following command to return information from the ProductSubcategory table, where the subcategory name includes the word bike:
Performance Monitoring
Working with DataView Events
2. Which of the following servers are eligible to be the first DHCP server on your network (Choose all that apply.) a. A Windows Server 2003 domain controller in an Active Directory network b. A Windows 2000 Server workgroup server in a network with no domains c. A Windows Server 2003 workgroup server in an Active Directory network d. A Windows 2000 Server member server in an Active Directory network 3. A DHCP scope has been configured with the 003 Router option, which provides clients with the address of a default gateway. However, after running the Ipconfig/ renew command and then the Ipconfig /all command at a computer named Client1, you find that this client is being assigned an IP address within the defined scope but not the address of a default gateway. Which of the following answers could explain this behavior a. Client1 has become disconnected from the network. b. Client1 s IP address is acquired by means of a reservation at the DHCP server. c. No scope options have been defined at the server level. d. The scope has not been activated.
1. What are the four node types available for NetBIOS name resolution
To install the practice test and objective review
Figure 12-3 Catalog data directories
Quick Check Answers
ing information into a text file in Notepad and then print it.
Exam Highlights
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
What Is a SOAP Extension . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72
Changes check box is selected if you want Windows XP Professional to automatically adjust the time on your computer for daylight savings time, and then click Next. 22. Ensure that Typical Settings is selected, and then click Next. 23. On the Workgroup Or Computer Domain page, ensure that the No, This Computer Is Not On A Network, Or Is On A Network Without A Domain option is selected, make sure that the workgroup name is Workgroup, and then click Next. 24. The Setup Wizard configures the networking components and then copies files, installs Start menu items, registers components, saves settings, and removes temporary files. This process takes several minutes. 25. The computer restarts, and Windows XP Professional starts for the first time.
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