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devices that use bandwidth and report it back to the system. Not all USB devices use power from the system; many have their own independent power supply. Devices such as keyboards and mouse devices, however, are powered from the system. Similarly, not all devices consume USB bandwidth. If multiple bandwidthconsuming devices are installed on a system, it is important to monitor their usage lest they become sluggish.
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Traffic source restrictions In previous versions, you could not apply firewall rules based on Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. In Windows XP Service Pack 2, you can configure Windows Firewall so that firewall rules apply to IP addresses (or IP address ranges), meaning that only traffic from computers with valid IP addresses is allowed through the firewall. Create exceptions using application file names In previous versions, you configure permitted traffic by specifying the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) ports used by a service or application. In Windows XP Service Pack 2, you can also configure permitted traffic by specifying the file name of the application. When the application runs, Windows Firewall monitors the ports on which the application listens and automatically adds them to the list of allowed incoming traffic.
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' VB Public Class StorageArchiveProxy Inherits ClientBase(Of IStorageArchive) Implements IStorageArchive Public Sub New(ByVal instanceContext As InstanceContext, _ ByVal binding As Binding, _ ByVal epAddr As EndpointAddress) MyBase.New(instanceContext, binding, epAddr) End Sub Public Sub New(ByVal instanceContext As InstanceContext, _ ByVal endpointConfigurationName As String) MyBase.New(instanceContext, endpointConfigurationName) End Sub
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You are providing support for a user who recently purchased a new computer. The dis play adapter in the computer supports a number of advanced features, but the com puter does not have the appropriate software installed to take advantage of these features. Your customer downloaded the new drivers and extra software from the man ufacturer of the display adapter. He used the installation program that was part of the download to install the new drivers and software. Now, when he starts his computer, Windows seems to start normally, but just after startup, the customer sees an error mes sage stating that the display settings have been restored to their default level. The user notes that the display settings seem to be a low resolution and color quality, but when he tries to open the Display Properties dialog box, the computer freezes. What do you tell him
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You add, edit, and remove print permissions in much the same manner as you would for NTFS permissions on files and folders. To add basic print permission assignments, follow these steps: 1. On the Security tab of a printer s Properties dialog box, click Add. 2. In the Select Users Or Groups dialog box, enter the user accounts or groups that you want to assign permissions to, and then click OK. Use the Advanced button to search for user accounts and groups if you do not know the exact names. 3. On the Security tab, Windows assigns the Print permission to newly added accounts by default. Modify the permissions as necessary and click Apply.
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Setting Up a Network Connection
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As a developer, all you really want is to be able to build applications that meet certain requirements, while maintaining application compatibility so that the application doesn t break on the new operating system. At the same time, you want to provide end users with a work environment they understand and feel comfortable navigating. Helping you to do this is one of the core tenets the development team at Microsoft followed when building Windows 7. Although Windows 7 is built on the foundation laid with Windows Vista, the operating system fundamentals have been improved and a rock-solid infrastructure has been created that enables you to provide compelling user experiences. Hundreds of changes have been made to the underlying infrastructure in Windows 7. And, it s important to note that these are not breaking changes. These are changes were made to the operating system to improve its performance and reliability. Windows 7 has a much smaller disk footprint than Windows Vista, it consumes significantly less memory, it consumes less CPU resources when idle, it performs less I/O activity, and above all the system consumes less power. At the same time, Windows 7 is much more responsive to user input and delivers better performance. There are no disturbances in the user interface, and user interactions with the system whether it is handling input or showing the Start menu or taskbar are immediate. Windows 7 loads faster than ever, and it can scale up to 256 processors. This might sound like a large number, but keep in mind that Windows 7 needs to be in service for the next 5 to 8 years, and it s more than likely that we ll see such multicore desktop systems at some time during that period. Changes were made to the internal threading dispatchers, removing locks from critical resources to enable much faster context switching. All of that (and much more) was done while minimizing breaking changes and keeping a focus on stability, reliability, and performance. And most importantly, you will not be disturbed with changes that force you to spend time and money on nonfunctional features. Microsoft also understands that for you to be a successful Windows developer, the operating system needs to support your efforts and include built-in tools and technologies that will help boost your productivity. Windows 7 ships with a large number of development tools and frameworks to assist with your development efforts and increase ease of deployment. Technologies such as .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 (SP1), Windows PowerShell 2, MSI 5.0, Native Web Services API, and a new Ribbon Framework are just some examples of Windows 7 builtin technologies. This is your opportunity to create new and exciting user experiences using all the great features that Windows 7 has to offer developers.
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Description The percentage of time that the processor is busy. If this graph displays a high percentage continuously (and not when there is an obvious reason, such as a big application), your processor might be overloaded. If your computer has two processors, two graphs are shown. If this value runs continuously over 80 percent, you probably see a noticeable improvement in performance if you upgrade your processor. The percentage of time that the processor is running a thread other than the idle thread shown over time. You can use the Update Speed command on the View menu to specify how often the values are refreshed. The High value updates about twice per second; Normal value updates once every two seconds; Low value updates once every four seconds. You can also pause the updates and update the view manually by pressing F5. This is a useful method if you want to monitor some specific activity. Note that Task Manager itself uses processor time. The more frequently you update the display, the more processor time it uses, which throws off the accuracy of whatever you are analyzing. The amount of virtual memory used (in MB). The amount of virtual memory used, shown over time. Values set using the Update Speed command affect this history as well.
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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this book and the contents of the companion disc. If you have comments, questions, or ideas regarding this book or the companion disc, please send them to Microsoft Press using either of the following methods:
The Processor object s % Processor Time counter averages 85 percent. The Processor object s Interrupts/Sec counter averages 6,500. The Memory object s Pages/Sec counter averages 1.5. The System object s Processor Queue Length counter averages 1.8.
Windows 7 offers numerous technologies and features to light up your application and make it shine. In this book, we chose to focus on the features we think bring the most added value to the end user experience and that require relatively little development effort. Think of these features as giving you the best overall user experience value for your time, effort, and money. There is no single, silver bullet Windows 7 feature that transforms your application into the best Windows application. The built-in Windows features help you create amazing applications, but it s up to you to make the right decision about which features best fit your application scenarios. You can pick and choose any combination of Windows 7 features that will all play together, and thus create a solid application that uses the right features at the right time. From nonfunctional features such as Restart and Recovery or Kernel Transaction Manager, to more user-based features such as the new taskbar, Windows 7 Libraries, or multitouch. In this book, we ll focus on a few of the most important features and the ones that you are most likely to want to use while lighting up your application with Windows 7, such as the following: Taskbar Libraries Multitouch Sensor and location Ribbon Improved fundamentals Enhanced graphics platform
G07TB19 PnP camera wizard
If the printing demands on your network increase, and if your network has a printer that is already installed as a local printer but not yet shared, you can share the printer with the network. When you share a printer, you need to assign the printer a share name, which appears in My Network Places. Use an intuitive name to help users when they are browsing for a printer. You can also add printer drivers for all versions of Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98. In the Properties dialog box for the printer, you can use the Sharing tab to share an existing printer (see Figure 11-7).
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Lesson 4: Configuring Conflict Resolution for Merge Replication
Configure, manage, and troubleshoot Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance.
Lesson 2
Dynamic Update is also enabled by default during unattended installations. You will learn more about unattended installations in 3, Deploying Windows XP Professional.
Understanding Workgroups, Domains, and Trusts
The service map for the Genetic Research workstations is substantially different from that for the typical A. Datum user workstation. For this reason, the documents that the IT director submits to the financial and management teams include a Request For Change (RFC), which lists the reasons why these workstations differ from the company standard and why they cost more.
The primary function of a database is to store data and provide access to that data. In the SQL programming language, the SELECT statement provides the data retrieval functionality.
Notice the bit we are borrowing in the fourth octet is bolded for clarity. If you use one bit, that bit can be either on or off. That is, it can be a 1 or a 0. Note that the column the bit you borrowed from has the decimal value of 128. This helps us determine the block size of the subnets you are creating. In this example, your block size is 128. So, you just created a subnet and a subnet. If the mask were, the block size of the subnets you would create would be 64 because 192 in binary is written as 1100 0000. Note that the second bit is in column 64. This means you would create a 0 subnet, 64 subnet, 128 subnet, and 192 subnet. In the example, each subnet has 126 host addresses because there are 7 bits left for host addressing. The formula for calculating the number of host addresses
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