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Resolving Space Issues
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Several applications function together to provide a Service Broker solution. To start a conversation and send messages, an application for the initiating service issues the BEGIN DIALOG statement, which includes all the required information about the initiating and target services, contracts, and so on. Once messages have been sent to a queue, the target application must be started to receive and process messages. You can configure one or more of the four startup options for the Server Broker applications in your solution. Applications where there is a continuous stream of messages and applications that require a large number of resources to start up can be configured to start when SQL Server starts, as part of the Microsoft Windows startup group or as a service. Because these applications are always running, they continually hold on to their resources, but they are also available immediately to process messages without the time lag required to start a new application. The second startup option that you can configure uses the SQL Server agent to schedule the application to run at specific times. Using scheduled tasks to start applications is common for target applications that might be performed as a batch. For example, employees can submit travel reimbursement forms throughout the day. The reimbursement messages can be stored in the queue throughout the day. Overnight, the target application receives all the messages and either processes the reimbursement check or flags the message for manual review and uses another application to send the form on to another queue to await processing by another target application. Figure 8-12 shows the information flow for the expense reimbursement example. In the expense reimbursement scenario, weeks may pass without any messages being sent to the manual review queue. In such a situation it would be inefficient to process this queue on a scheduled basis. Also, because it is important for the company to handle expense reimbursements quickly and efficiently, you need an activation method to support these requirements. The internal and event-based activation processes meet these requirements.
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When you apply a network template, the Network Template Wizard overwrites your current ISA Server configuration with the settings provided in the template. If you have configured access rules that you want to retain, export the access rules before applying the network template, and then import the access rules after applying the template.
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You can use Microsoft Office Online to resolve issues with the Tasks feature as well. The Tasks feature allows the user to keep track of tasks that need to be done on a to do list. The options in the Troubleshoot Tasks Help file include detailed instructions on how to resolve many problems, including the following:
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Monitor and configure multiprocessor computers.
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SELECT p.ProductID AS Id ,p.ListPrice ,p.Color FROM Production.Product AS p WHERE p.ProductID IN (514, 707) FOR XML RAW('Product'), ROOT('Products'), ELEMENTS;
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Package Logging
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Network load balancing Offline address book
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The logical layers of your system represent how you plan to divide your code into logical pieces or groups. For example, a three-tier system might define layers to include the user interface, business objects, and database layer. These are considered logical layers because the code is divided logically by what it represents. Physically, the code libraries themselves may run in the same process. In this case layers are combined for technical trade-offs (or physical reasons). As an example, think of a Windows application that defines a set of business objects and stores them inside the same executable as the user interface. These objects run in the same process. However, the code is logically separated; user interface (UI) code goes in the UI layer and business object code goes in the business object layer.
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What Is Application-Layer Filtering
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CREATE BROKER PRIORITY ConversationPriorityName FOR CONVERSATION [ SET ( [ CONTRACT_NAME = {ContractName | ANY } ] [ [ , ] LOCAL_SERVICE_NAME = {LocalServiceName | ANY } ] [ [ , ] REMOTE_SERVICE_NAME = {'RemoteServiceName' | ANY } ] [ [ , ] PRIORITY_LEVEL = {PriorityValue | DEFAULT } ] ) ] [;]
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To learn more about AD RMS clients and obtain the Windows RMS clients, go to http:// technet2.microsoft.com/windowsserver2008/en/library/3230bca4-51cb-418f-86ba-bb6539 3854181033.mspx mfr=true.
5. What additional test methods did you create Show your work.
In defining the geographic boundaries of your company, you can use a simple map that encompasses the largest geographical area for the company. For example, you could use a map of the western hemisphere for international companies that have loca tions in North and South America. You might use a map of just the southeast United States for a regional company with locations in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. For particularly complex companies, you may find that you need to create detailed sepa rate maps for each regional location all tied together by a larger, less detailed map. Ask yourself the following questions as you go:
upgraded only as a last resort. Doing B and D will meet the request to have ISA Server 2004 running on Windows Server 2003 with the same configuration as the ISA Server 2000 computer had.
For more information about the bulk-loading API, see the SQL Server XML Bulk Load Object Model topic in SQL Server Books Online.
Data Mining viewers
Restore job Runs on the secondary server, and restores copied backup files to
Lesson 5
You take the following actions: You create two scripts. The first script contains the command
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