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In the following case scenario, you will apply what you ve learned about Server Core installation and related Active Directory Domain Services. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
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Correct Answers: B A. Incorrect: These steps will not resolve the problem. If the video monitor is not displaying the Windows XP desktop or if the image is flickering, the video adapter might not be seated properly in its slot, or the slot s connectors might be damaged. If that is the case, moving the video adapter might resolve the problem. But the question stated that the image is viewable, so moving the card will not help. B. Correct: This is the best way to repair the computer. In safe mode, Windows XP Professional starts with only basic files and drivers. If you still cannot access the display properties dialog box in safe mode, you might need to use the Recovery Console to manually replace the video driver. If you continue to have problems, you might need to restore the operating system files from a backup. C. Incorrect: The ASR can be used to repair basic system files, the boot sector, and the startup environment, but it cannot help you to repair bad video drivers. D. Incorrect: If you know the exact names and versions of each file that you need to delete and restore, it might be possible to manually correct this problem. This is a time-consuming and error-prone approach though; booting into safe mode and using the graphical tools to repair the computer are much more likely to succeed.
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Tip You should focus your development time on increasing the efficiency of the pages that had the highest response times; they are the most likely to be targeted during a DoS attack.
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Lesson Summary
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Review (or Create) Use Case Scenarios
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Return String.Empty
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void CLocationEvents::PrintCivicAddress(ICivicAddressReport *pCivicAddressReport) { HRESULT hr = S_OK; DWORD dwDetailLevel; CComBSTR bstrAddress1; CComBSTR bstrAddress2; CComBSTR bstrPostalCode; CComBSTR bstrCity; CComBSTR bstrStateProvince; CComBSTR bstrCountryRegion; hr = pCivicAddressReport->GetAddressLine1(&bstrAddress1); if ((SUCCEEDED(hr)) && (bstrAddress1.Length() != 0)) { wprintf(L"\tAddress Line 1:\t%s\n", bstrAddress1); } hr = pCivicAddressReport->GetAddressLine2(&bstrAddress2); if ((SUCCEEDED(hr)) && (bstrAddress2.Length() != 0)) { wprintf(L"\tAddress Line 2:\t%s\n", bstrAddress2); } hr = pCivicAddressReport->GetPostalCode(&bstrPostalCode); if ((SUCCEEDED(hr)) && (bstrPostalCode.Length() != 0)) { wprintf(L"\tPostal Code:\t%s\n", bstrPostalCode); } hr = pCivicAddressReport->GetCity(&bstrCity); if ((SUCCEEDED(hr)) && (bstrCity.Length() != 0)) { wprintf(L"\tCity:\t\t%s\n", bstrCity); }
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sendMessage.Formatter = new BinaryMessageFormatter();
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LMHOSTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-43
The correct answers are a, c, and e.
The ToolStripButton control is analogous to the familiar Button control. It appears on the tool strip as a button, usually displaying an icon that indicates what function it contains. The user can click the button to execute an action. Clicking the button exe cutes code in the ToolStripButton.Click event handler.
The modem on Computer1
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: If the hard disk drive hosting the system had failed, you wouldn t be able to ping the server. If the problem were that another hard disk failed, people would be able to connect through Terminal Services. Because they can t connect and you can ping, this is not the problem. B. Incorrect: Once you ve purchased Terminal Services licenses, they will work as long as the server is functional. C. Correct: Terminal Server comes with a built-in 120-day grace period, which is coincidently the number of days between March 1 and June 28. After this period has expired, users will be able to connect only if they have a valid license from a license server. D. Incorrect: If the user s domain accounts had expired, they would be unable to log on to the domain and would be complaining about that rather than complaining about not being able to access the terminal server.
AccessibleName AccessibleDescription
Configuring the Hub Transport Server Role
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