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Classes for CAS Permissions
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Computer Configuration policy does not support the publish option.
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Figure 4-38: Using Diskpart to shrink a volume The procedures to extend a volume are similar. In Disk Management, you right-click the volume you want to extend, click Extend Volume, and complete the Extend Volume Wizard. If you are using Diskpart, you select a volume and enter a command with the following syntax: extend [size=<n>] [disk=<n>]
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USE AdventureWorks2008; SELECT SalesOrderID, DATENAME(DW, orderdate) AS 'Day of Week' FROM Sales.SalesOrderHeader ORDER BY DATEPart(DW, orderdate);
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In per call mode, every single request gets its own copy of a service implementation object. Figure 10-1 illustrates the basic flow for the request
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Create a remote object. Configure a client application programmatically. Configure a client application manually by using configuration files. Access the remoting service by calling a remote method. Call a remote method synchronously in a client application.
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9. In the Designer, double-click Button1 to open the Button1_Click default event handler and add the following code:
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For details about all the practice test options available, see the How to Use the Practice Tests section in this book s introduction.
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Usage drop-down list, select Use This Device (Enable). Click OK.
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Lesson Summary
Quick Check Answer User Access Control: Run All Administrators In Admin Approval Mode set to Disabled. This disables UAC.
System.IO Type FileStream MemoryStream StreamReader StreamWriter
' VB Public Class UpdateService Implements IUpdateService <OperationBehavior( _ ReleaseInstanceMode:=ReleaseInstanceMode.BeforeAndAfterCall)> _ Public Sub Update() ' Implementation code goes here End Sub End Class // C# public class UpdateService : IUpdateService { [OperationBehavior(ReleaseInstanceMode=ReleaseInstanceMode.BeforeAndAfterCall)] public void Update() { // Implementation code goes here } }
Lesson 1: Understanding and Installing Domain Name System
Configuring Routing And Remote Access Service Properties
dism /image:c:\images /add-driver/driver:c:\drivers/recurse dism /image:d:\mount /add-driver/driver:c:\drivers/recurse dism /image:c:\images /addriver/driver:c:\drivers\printer/driver:c:\drivers\scanner D. dism /image:d:\mount /addriver/driver:c:\drivers\printer/driver:c:\drivers\scanner
For detailed information about creating custom code groups, see the book Programming .NET Security (O Reilly & Associates, 2003).
Configuring Intersite Replication
Figure 9-9 shows what the tool should look like. You have the following options at this point:
result = del.BeginInvoke(342, Nothing, Nothing)
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