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Lesson 3: Merge Replication
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<endpoint address="" binding="wsDualHttpBinding" contract="DemoService.IConcurrency" />
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For this task, you should complete all three practices to gain a good understanding of how to view and control ACLs.
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Page 10-29
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Location Paris Departments Represented Headquarters (HQ) Management staff Finance Sales Marketing Production Research Development Information Technology (IT) Number of Users 2,000
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2. What are the benefits of Remote Assistance
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6. Start the backup and, when complete, confirm that no errors occurred.
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What could be the possible reason that the user is unable to connect to any of the company s network resources
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End Sub
15. Now that the problem with transaction flow has been corrected, launch the application by pressing F5. After a few moments, you see that the two records have been updated. 16. Press Enter to continue running the application and roll back the transaction. After you press Enter, the transaction is aborted by the call to the Dispose method. Then the number of records left in the table is displayed. If the transaction is successfully aborted, this value will be 0. 17. Press Enter to terminate the application.
Catch exception As Exception
James Fine
Second-level domains
13 Review
What Is a WSE Router . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 481
Application Requirements and Design
Unlike compressed folders, NTFS compression is a function of the NTFS file system and as such is available only on volumes formatted with NTFS. Files compressed with NTFS compression can be read and written to by any Windows-based or MS-DOS based application without first being uncompressed by another program. When an application or an operating system command requests access to a compressed file, NTFS automatically uncompresses the file before making it available. When you close or explicitly save a file, NTFS compresses it again.
Scalability Evaluation
You are the systems administrator for several small businesses. One of the small busi nesses that you work for has reported that the performance of its server appears to be degrading. The server is configured as follows:
After you create the array, you can modify the array configuration by completing the following procedure: 1. In the ISA Server Management Console, expand Arrays. 2. Right-click the array that you are configuring and click Properties. 3. On the Policy Settings tab, shown in Figure 12-14, configure the enterprise policy that will apply to the array, and modify the types of firewall policy rules that can be configured for the array.
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