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To stop sharing a network printer, click Start, and then click Printers and Faxes. In the Printers and Faxes window, right-click the icon for the printer that you want to discontinue sharing, and then click Sharing. On the Sharing tab of the Properties dialog box, select the Don t share this printer option, and then click OK.
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You look up the information on AD LDS on the Microsoft TechNet Center for Active Directory technologies and come up with the following answers: 1. A data drive should be created for each server that will host AD LDS instances. Because these servers will be hosting directory stores, you should place these stores on a drive that is separate from the operating system and into separate folders so that they can be easily identified. 2. You should always use meaningful names to identify instances. For example, the name of the application that will be tied to an instance is a good candidate. Instance names are used to identify the instance on the local computer as well as to identify and name the files that make up the instance and the service that supports it. Names cannot include spaces or special characters. 3. Both AD LDS and AD DS use the same ports for communication. These ports are the default LDAP (389) and LDAP over the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), or Secure LDAP, (636) ports. AD DS uses two additional ports, 3268, which uses LDAP to access the global catalog, and 3269, which uses Secure LDAP to access the global catalog. Because AD DS and AD LDS use the same ports, you should make it a habit to use other ports, ports beyond the 50,000 range, for your AD LDS instances. This will ensure that they are segregated from AD DS services, especially if the instance is installed within a domain. In addition, you should install PKI certificates on each AD LDS instance to use Secure LDAP for communication and management. This will prevent tampering with or detection of AD LDS data. 4. Ideally, each AD LDS instance should use an application partition, even if no replication is required. Creating an application directory partition will make it easier to manage the instance through a variety of tools. 5. Instances should be run through the use of a service account. You can use the Network Service account, but if you intend to run multiple instances, it is suggested that you use named service accounts for each instance. This way, you know exactly when the instance performs operations because you can view the logon operations of the service account in the Event Viewer.
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Implement, Install, and Control a Service
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Passive Requestor Profile (WS-F PRP), an AD FS Web service, and passes it on to the federation service. Claims-Aware Agent An agent sits on the Web server and initiates queries of security token claims to the federation service. Each claim is used to grant or deny access to a given application. ASP.NET applications that can examine the various claims contained in the user s AD FS security token are deemed to be claims-aware applications. These applications can rely on the claims to determine whether the user has access to the application. Two examples of claims-aware applications are AD RMS and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Windows Token-Based Agent This is an alternate agent that can convert the AD FS security token into an impersonation-level Windows NT access token for applications that rely on Windows authentication mechanisms instead of other Web-based authentication methods. Because it is based on a standard Web service, AD FS does not need to rely on AD DS alone to support federated identities. Any directory service that adheres to the WS-Federation standard can participate in an AD FS identity federation. Although Federation Services existed in Windows Server 2003 R2, AD FS has been improved significantly in Windows Server 2008 to facilitate the installation and administration processes. AD FS also supports more Web applications than the original release did.
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5. Disable the index by executing the following query:
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Resolving Network Configuration Issues
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D. An unhandled SecurityException occurs before the application begins execution. 4. Which of the following permissions is required for all console applications running with a debugger A. SocketPermission B. WebPermission C. UIPermission D. FileIOPermission
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Shell Folder
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Key Terms
Managing Files and Folders
Lesson 2: Define a Strategy to Implement a Common UI Layout
report catalog
To help you successfully master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following tasks.
Catch ex As Exception Finally If Not (adapter Is Nothing) Then adapter.Dispose() adapter = Nothing End If If Not (cmd Is Nothing) Then cmd.Dispose() cmd = Nothing End If If Not (conn Is Nothing) Then conn.Close() conn = Nothing End If End Try End Sub
As you can see, SQL Server used the index of the computed column without having a reference to it in the query. This is a great feature because it makes it possible to add computed columns and index them without having to change the queries in applications or stored procedures to use the new index. Besides using computed columns with indexes with function calls, you can also use indexed computed columns to provide indexes in different collations. Consider that we have the table Test.Person with the column Name using the Latin1_General_CI_AI collation. Now we want to find all rows starting with the character . In Latin1_General, the dots over the O are just considered accents, but in other languages, such as German and Swedish, is a different character than O. Consider that the table is typically queried by English customers that will expect to get both O and back from a search such as LIKE ' %' and occasionally by Swedish customers who will expect to get only back from the search. Because the table is typically queried by English customers, it makes sense to keep the Latin1_General_CI_AI collation, and when Swedish customers query the table to use the COLLATE keyword to explicitly use the Finnish_Swedish_CI_AI collation. Review the following script and queries. The execution plans for the two queries in the following script are shown in Figures 7-11 and 7-12.
Console.WriteLine("Calling last_Name didn"t block me either...")
10. Press F5 to run the application and test the form to see the functionality we have so far. 11. When the form opens, click the Open SQL button and verify that the connec tion-state label changes to show that the connection is now open. 12. Click the Close SQL button and verify that the connection-state label changes to reflect the current state of the connection, which is now closed. To demonstrate use of the InfoMessage event, you need to create an event handler to process the message. To eliminate the need to create a database object that throws an error with a low severity, we are going to take advantage of a feature built into the SqlConnection object that allows us to capture errors with severities up to severity level 16 by setting the connection object s FireInfoMessageEventOnUserErrors property to True before executing a method that will force an error to be thrown. 13. Add the following code, which will handle the GetSqlInfo button s click event and the SqlConnection object s InfoMessage event. Upon examination of the code in the button-click event, you can see we are going to change the database on the connection to an invalid name, which will raise an error with severity level 11 and cause the InfoMessage event to fire. When the event fires, the code in the InfoMessage event handler will open a message box displaying the error. ' VB
In this practice, you will search for a computer object and modify its properties.
applied operating system service packs. Not everyone needs all updates, however, so a description of each is given with the update itself. You should read the descriptions prior to adding them to the installation list and add only necessary updates. You download and install Software Optional updates in the same manner as High Pri ority updates; however, in most instances you can download and install multiple updates simultaneously.
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