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Lesson 2: Configuring Mail-Enabled Groups
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/// <typeparam name="T"></typeparam>
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ProductName FROM Products WHERE ProductName=@ProductName",
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Configuring Connections and Connecting to Data
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Suggested Practices
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Managing Local and Network Printers
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<ddl_trigger_option> ::= [ ENCRYPTION ] [ EXECUTE AS Clause ] <method_specifier> ::= assembly_name.class_name.method_name
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1. Open Active Directory Users And Computers 2. In the Servers OU, create a computer object for a computer named SERVER02. Configure only the computer name. Do not change any of the other default properties. Note that, like a user, a computer has two names the computer name and the Pre Windows 2000 computer name. It is a best practice to keep the names the same.
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2. How will you prevent those newer files from being overwritten by files in the backup set
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Name Resolution (2.0)
Securing Resources with NTFS Permissions
statistics. Within Table 11-7, several statistics appear to be related to Quick Mode. They
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Lesson 1
The Real World sidebar near the start of this chapter suggests that to do service orientation well, you will have to let go of much of your object-oriented thinking. Polymorphism is at the heart of object-oriented thinking and really shouldn t have much of a place in well-designed Service contracts. Again, think big, chunky documents instead of objects and class hierarchies. Use the KnownTypeAttribute with caution if at all.
made at the message level and not at the queue level. Use the Recoverable option on the message to specify that a message needs to be recoverable.
A password reset disk allows a user to recover a user account when the user forgets his or her password. You create a password reset disk using the Forgotten Password Wizard, which you can start in the following ways:
Packages can be based on data sources defined in the SSIS project, or they can be stand-alone connections within a project. In Figure 1-8, the project has a data source named AdventureWorks2008, which is also referenced in the package s Connection Managers pane. In this example, the package contains another connection named AdventureWorksDW2008, which does not reference a project data source. The icon used to identify a project data source matches the icon for the package connection if a package connection references a project data source.
Service Broker Overview
When the IsOneWay attribute in the OperationContract attribute is set to true, the client will not expect a message to be returned from a call to the service. This is different from the behavior expected if the IsOneWay attribute were set to false in the preceding example. In that case, the client would wait for an empty response to be returned. Setting IsOneWay to true is typically done when the call of the service is basically a notification message. The client simply is telling the service that something happened; it has no reason to get a response. For the scenario involving wildcard actions, however, you expect to send a response back from the service. The format of the response is not known. (It could be based on information provided in the request, for example.) At the same time, the mechanism WCF uses to send information expects a namespace to be included with the response. The default value for the response namespace is the request namespace with the literal Response appended. For example, if the Action value were uri://tempuri.org/Update , the default response namespace would be uri://tempuri.org/UpdateResponse . If you don t know the action of the request, how could you know the namespace for the response You can t. Instead, the ReplyAction property on the OperationContract attribute
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