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Creating Indexes
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Two-Way establishes a two-way trust between the domains. One-Way: Incoming establishes a one-way trust in which the domain you selected in step 2 is the trusted domain, and the domain you entered in step 5 is the trusting domain.
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If password policies have been set by local security policy or another policy on the network, an end user s password problem might be directly related to the policies config ured. The policies shown in Figure 9-8 allow an administrator to enable or enforce the following actions:
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Contact Custom attribute
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5. Click OK. The Group Policy Management Editor appears. 6. Expand Computer Configuration\Policies\Security Settings\Account Policies, and then select Password Policy. 7. Double-click the following policy settings in the console details pane and configure the settings indicated:
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//ComboBoxItem.h //#include section MIDL_INTERFACE("722b7d91-b3ae-45e4-95ec-033ebbe8222d") IComboBoxItem : public IUnknown { public: virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE Initialize(int value, CComPtr<IUIImage> image); virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE GetNumericValue(int *value); }; class CComboBoxtItem : public CComObjectRootEx<CComMultiThreadModel>, public IUISimplePropertySet, public IComboBoxItem { private: int _value; CComPtr<IUIImage> _image; public: BEGIN_COM_MAP(CComboBoxtItem) COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY(IUISimplePropertySet) COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY(IComboBoxItem) END_COM_MAP() STDMETHOD(GetValue)(__in REFPROPERTYKEY key, __out PROPVARIANT *ppropvar); STDMETHOD(Initialize)(int _value, CComPtr<IUIImage> image); virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE GetNumericValue(int *value) { *value = _value; return S_OK;} CComboBoxtItem(void) : _value(0), _image(0) {} virtual ~CComboBoxtItem(void) {} };
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The partial result set pictured in Figure 1-7 shows the average, minimum, and maximum prices for product subcategory 25 in the first row pictured (row 27). The average, minimum, and maximum prices for category 3 are listed in row 28 and are signified by the NULL value
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Configuring Connections and Connecting to Data
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When you install SSAS, the Setup program installs a predefined server-wide Administrators role. A user who is a member of this role has unrestricted access to the entire server. For example, members of the Administrators role can create SSAS databases and change server properties. You cannot delete the Administrators role. Initially, the Administrators role is empty, but if you have local administrator rights on your machine, you can manage your local SSAS instance undeterred. Why The reason is that the Setup program grants implicit SSAS administrative rights to the local members of the Windows LocalMachine\Administrators group.
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You can set package transactions at the entire package level or at any control flow container level or task level. Transactions in SSIS use the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC); the MSDTC service needs to be started on the computer for transactions to work. Any service or program that is enabled to work with the MSDTC can be part of a transaction in SSIS. To enable a transaction within a package, you need to set the TransactionOption property of the task or container to Required. Figure 2-1 highlights the properties of a package at the control flow level, which means that the properties apply to the package as a whole. The TransactionOption property is the same on any control flow object. When deciding whether and how to implement a transaction, follow these guidelines:
The PATH secondary index is best used for queries that filter based on the XML structure or for queries for which the complete XML path is unknown. It can also be used for queries that combine path-based queries and value filtering. For example, the query /Employees/Employee[@Bonus] retrieves all Employee elements that have a
10 11
User and Data Security
Table 1-1
You can edit this XML file and change the <StorePath> element value to a different full path. The value also accepts relative paths. The service sees any subfolders under this package store location, and SSMS displays them as subfolders in the SSMS console. The MSDB folder displays packages that have been deployed to SQL Server. These packages are stored in the SQL Server msdb database in a table named [dbo].[sysssispackages]. You can create virtual folders under the MSDB folder and import packages directly to those subfolders. Figure 4-1 shows two subfolders under the MSDB folder: Data Collector and Maintenance Plans. These are for system packages either generated by the maintenance plan or used by the SQL Server 2008 Data Collector subsystem.
PerformanceCounter component in Visual Studio
Create several blocked processes. Connect to the DAC by using SQLCMD and return the SPID that is causing the blocking issue.
Lesson 3
you will have to provide recommendations to friends, family, and customers about which edition of Windows Vista will best suit their needs. To understand the differences between editions, you should first know the meaning of several terms.
access key event handler mask snaplines
For a full list of Microsoft certifications, go to http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/ default.mspx.
IsPathRooted Allows you to reliably determine whether a path is absolute or relative. Accepts a path string as an argument, and returns true if the path is abso lute, or false if the path is relative.
Because of the hierarchical nature of a PKI, AD CS supports both root and subordinate or child CAs. The root CA usually issues certificates to subordinate CAs, which enables them in turn to issue certificates to users, computers, and services. The subordinate CA can issue certificates only while its own certificate is valid. When this certificate expires, the subordinate CA must request a certificate renewal from its root CA. For this reason, root CAs often have certificate durations that are much longer than any of their subordinates. In turn, subordinate CAs usually have certificate durations that are longer than those they issue to users, computers, or services. CA Web Enrollment Using Web Enrollment, users can connect to the CA through a Web browser to request certificates, perform smart card enrollments, or obtain certificate revocation lists (CRL). CRLs provide users of your public key infrastructure with a list of certificates that have been invalidated or revoked by your organization. Systems relying on PKI poll CA servers to obtain CRLs each time a certificate is presented to them. If the certificate presented to them is on this list, it is automatically refused. Online responder This service is designed to respond to specific certificate validation requests through the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP). Using an online responder (OR), the system relying on PKI does not need to obtain a full CRL and can submit a validation request for a specific certificate. The online responder decodes the validation request and determines whether the certificate is valid. When it determines the status of the requested certificate, it sends back an encrypted response containing the information to the requester. Using online responders is much faster and more efficient than using CRLs. AD CS includes online responders as a new feature in Windows Server 2008.
2. In what order are GPOs resolved when they come from multiple sources What happens when multiple GPOs are linked to a single container in Active Directory
Figure 9-5
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