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Supporting Windows XP File and Folder Access
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' VB Dim rand As New Random(Convert.ToInt32(DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay.TotalMilliseconds)) Dim incrementValue As Integer = rand.Next(1, 10) counter.IncrementBy(incrementValue) // C# Random rand = new Random(Convert.ToInt32( DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay.TotalMilliseconds)); int incrementValue = rand.Next(1, 10); counter.IncrementBy(incrementValue);
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Installing Exchange Server and Configuring Server Roles
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Single Broadcast Domain
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Lesson Summary
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Lesson 1
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ISA Server includes intrusion-detection functionality that monitors for several wellknown vulnerabilities. ISA Server detects intrusions at two different network layers. First, ISA Server detects intrusions at the network layer. This enables ISA Server to detect vulnerabilities that are inherent to the IP layer. Second, ISA Server uses application filters to detect intrusions at the application layer. You can use third-party application filters to add more intrusion detection or create your own application filters using the filter application programming interfaces (APIs) defined in the ISA Server software development kit (SDK).
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A central subscriber topology consists of a single subscriber that has more than one publisher. Changes are written to multiple publishers and then consolidated into a single subscriber, as shown in Figure 11-2. A central subscriber topology is normally used for consolidating multiple databases or as a central reporting database.
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Designing a NetBIOS Name Resolution Strategy
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Isolated Storage File Message Queue Performance Counter Printing Reflection Registry
To save the data in a DataSet as XML-formatted data, use the WriteXml method of the DataSet. You can save the XML data directly to a file, or you can write it to a stream. Call the WriteXml method of a DataSet to save the contents of all tables in the DataSet as XML or call the WriteXml method of an individual DataTable to write the data from only that table. The following code example saves the data in the NorthwindDataSet to a file named Northwind.xml.
You have been hired as a consultant by Lucerne Publishing to assist with the deployment of remote access services for company employees. For each of the following, explain how you would configure the required remote access feature. 1. Lucerne Publishing wants to provide special dial-up access for 10 employees. These 10 employees should be authenticated only by verifying that the phone numbers from which they are calling are in fact these employees home phone numbers. The employees should not need to type in a user name and password. How can you implement this configuration
To Install the Practice Test and Objective Review 1. Insert the companion CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.
Description The percent of logical fragmentation (out-of-order pages in the index) The number of fragments (physically consecutive leaf pages) in the index The average number of pages in a single fragment in an index
using a Classification Matrix
Lesson 1: Logging Events
1. The answer to this question depends on whether you want the clients to be able to submit information that might be useful in identifying the source of problems. Activity tracing is useful when trying to correlate client actions with service actions. To do this, trace logs must be generated by both the client and the service. If the client application is deployed at another site, you need to provide a mechanism that enables the trace logs from the client portion of the application to be sent in. As for whether allowing this tracing to be performed is a good idea, the answer is almost inevitably yes. Problems are quite likely to be associated with the communications between the two pieces. Being able to correlate the traces will frequently be beneficial to the support staff, and it could very well help the development team identify bugs that would otherwise be difficult to track down. 2. An activity can be defined from either the business or technical perspective. The choice depends on the type of correlation needed. To debug a technical problem, creating a new activity with each call is a good idea. To address business-level issues, keeping track of the multiple calls within a business transaction might be effective. Ultimately, the decision about when a new activity should be created will depend on how the information is expected to be used.
Console.Write(thisByte.ToString( X ));
3. Set the new domain functional level to Windows Server 2003 and click Raise. 4. In the Raise Domain Functional Level dialog box, click OK. 5. Click OK to dismiss the notification informing you that the domain functional level was raised successfully. 6. Close the Active Directory Users And Computers console. 7. Open Active Directory Domains And Trusts from the Administrative Tools menu. 8. Right-click Active Directory Domains And Trusts and then click Raise Forest Functional Level. 9. Verify that Windows Server 2003 is selected in the Select An Available Forest Functional Level dialog box as shown in Figure 1-4 and then click Raise.
Lesson Review
NTFS Permissions Brenda s user account is assigned the Modify permission on the folder. The Sales group is assigned the Modify permission. The Managers group is assigned the Full Control permission. Shared Permissions Brenda s user account is assigned the Change permission on the shared folder. The Sales group is assigned the Full Control permission on the shared folder. The Managers group is assigned the Read permission on the shared folder. What are Brenda s effective permissions A. Modify B. Read C. Change D. Full Control
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