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As another example, suppose that you wanted to return all the products with a list price greater than the average list price for all products. Instead of having to retrieve the average list price separately, store the value in a variable, and then use the variable in a second SELECT statement, you could use the following query:
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Lesson 1: Creating Server Reports
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13. On the Review Settings page, make sure that the settings you have selected look okay, and then click Finish. The Remote Installation Services Setup Wizard begins copying Windows installation files, and then performs a number of additional tasks that include the following:
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The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. Why is it important to manage network resources
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MORE INFO Design-time conversion
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How to Configure IIS to use SSL Certificates Issued by Windows Server 2003 Certificate Services
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If for some reason Tia managed to modify the ACL and deny herself Full Control, she could nevertheless modify the ACL, because an object s owner can always modify its ACL, preventing users from permanently locking themselves out of their files and folders. It is best practice to manage object ownership so that an object s owner is correctly defined. This is partly because owners can modify ACLs of their objects, and also because newer technologies, such as disk quotas, rely on the ownership attribute to calculate disk space used by a particular user. Prior to Windows Server 2003, managing ownership was awkward. Windows Server 2003 has added an important tool to sim plify ownership transfer.
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Selecting CLEAR as the port means you will be going through the default port 80, which is not a secure channel. To use a secure channel, you would change the ports option to SSL, but you would also need to register a secure certificate on the server hosting SQL Server 2005. The GetProducts endpoint will retrieve data using the GetProductListing stored procedure. The stored procedure represents the Web method for the native XML Web service. The GetProductListing stored procedure executes a query against the AdventureWorks database and appears as follows:
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9 Routing with Windows Server 2003
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Advanced Topics in Windows Forms
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Tip Remember, only computers based on Windows NT technologies can belong to a domain, so Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) cannot join or maintain computer accounts. Therefore, this check box really means Windows NT 4.
File Server E-Mail Server Web Server 2 Client is authenticated
Detecting Excessive I/O Activity
Deny Causes the runtime to reduce the method s access by removing the spec-
12 Review
On the Web Proxy tab, you can choose to enable or disable HTTP connections on the specified port number. You can also enable or disable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections. If you select this option, ISA Server will listen for HTTPS connections on the port specified. If you enable SSL, you must also configure a certificate that will be used for SSL authentication and encryption. Web browsers cannot use this setting for Internet access, but it can be used for Web chaining scenarios. 4. To configure the Advanced Settings, click Advanced. The interface is shown in Figure 5-4. On this tab, you can configure the number of connections, which will limit the number of users that can connect to the ISA Server at one time. You can also specify a connection timeout value, which sets a timeout limit for idle connections.
Server-activated objects can be in the form of a Singleton object or a SingleCall object. A Singleton object is one where only a single instance of the object is created to service all client calls. The lifetime of a Singleton object can span multiple client calls, hence a Sin gleton object can maintain state between client calls. A SingleCall object is one where a new instance of the object is created to handle each client call. Each instance of the object is destroyed and released from memory after it services a client call. SingleCall objects do not maintain state between client calls. The client making calls only needs to be aware that the object is a server-activated object but not how the object is handled on the server.
figure 3-19 The SSMS Object Explorer, when connected to the SSIS service, shows the packages deployed to the server.
Partitioning Overview
3. At the end of the day, you use System Monitor to view the log created on Pat s computer. You note the following key average counter values:
When Task Manager is running, Windows XP Professional displays an accurate miniature CPU usage icon on the taskbar. If you point to the icon, Task Manager displays the percentage of processor usage in text format.
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