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In any one of the Office applications, choose Customize from the Tools menu, and select the Options tab. Then click Reset Menu And Toolbar Usage Data. C.
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Security Principal Joe (User Account) Finance (Global Group) Employees (Global Group) Permissions Allow: Read Allow: Read Allow: Read
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Configuring Mobile Devices
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Each of the three properties in Table 5-2 is commonly used in validation. Naturally, the ProposedValue property will be the one that is most used. But along with seeing what the value of the column will become, it can also be used to change the value. That is to say that if you change ProposedValue as part of processing the ColumnChanging event, the new value will be assigned to the column. The Column and Row properties are used to get contextual information for the change. The DataColumn represented by the Column property contains the data type and constraints for the change. The DataRow represented by the Row property contains, among other things, the values of the other columns in the same row as the one being changed. These values would be used if the validation includes calculations that involved other fields in the same row. The big question when using the ColumnChanged event is how to indicate when invalid data has been provided. There are two possible approaches. The first is to raise an exception. The second involves using the RowError property or SetColumnError method. Both techniques have their places, with the user feedback mechanism being the determining factor as to which one to use. There is one other event that can occasionally come in handy when it comes to validating data binding. Specifically, the RowChanging event gets fired when the editing of a DataRow is complete. This event is most frequently used when the data is displayed in a multirecord format, such as a DataGrid control. In that case, moving from one row to the next raises the RowChanging event. When you are looking at information in a form view (one record per form), the RowChanging event is still fired, but only when all the changes to the row have been made. And that is usually initiated by the user performing some action, like clicking a Save button. As a result, there is less incentive to use the built-in RowChanging event when only one record is being viewed at a time.
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Examine the shared folder permissions for the Brochures folder.
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Lesson 1: Instancing Modes
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Lesson 1: Signing Assemblies with Strong Names
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Using Your Mobile PC at Home
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SQLAdmin. This example assumes that you have three separate servers, each with an
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Exercise 1: Saving a DataSet Objects as XML
figure 9-5 Steps to script a view
Designing the Physical Database
client (for example, Microsoft Outlook 2007) to the domain or if you create a virtual machine, install a client operating system, install Outlook, and join the machine to the domain. Log on to the domain at the client PC as a mailboxenabled user you have created (for example, don.hall) and send e-mail to other users or groups. Check that other mailbox-enabled users you have created and added to distribution groups get these messages. Set up a meeting and include the Auditorium room mailbox as an attendee. Check that mailbox s calendar and confirm that you have booked it for the meeting (if not, enable automatic booking and try again). Log on to the domain as another mailbox-enabled user and try to book the same resource for the same time. Check that you are told the resource has already been booked.
If, on the other hand, you back up everything in your Exchange Server 2007 organization, you will likely be able to completely restore all critical data and configuration settings. However, if you back up all the data in your organization, your backup and restore processes will be more complex and more time consuming and will require more backup media space. To determine exactly what data that you need to back up to successfully recover from a disaster, Microsoft recommends that you practice disaster recovery procedures in a test environment before you implement a backup strategy on production servers. Additionally, after you have implemented a backup and recovery strategy, you should conduct test restore operations regularly to make sure that you will be able to recover from whatever disaster might occur.
Objective 2.1: Install and Configure the DNS Server Service
Lesson 1: Consuming WCF Services
Lesson 3: Configuring Replication Security
Why This Matters
Configuring mailbox database limits
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