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Lesson 2: Configuring Windows Internet Explorer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 196 Internet Explorer Administration Kit Windows Internet Explorer and Group Policy Configuring Security Zones Managing Cache Settings Privacy Settings Proxy Server Connections Add-ons and Accelerators Lesson Summary Lesson Review 196 199 199 202 203 207 208 214 214
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Figure 10-5
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FiGURe 9-23 Sample of cdc.fn_cdc_get_all_changes_InternetSales results
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The Dallas headquarters has 1,900 users and a fully-staffed IT department. In addition to its primary location, Contoso also has two branch offices within the United States one in Memphis, Tennessee, and one in San Diego, California. The San Diego branch has 185 users and maintains its own IT staff. The Memphis branch has 35 users and does not maintain an IT staff. Instead, they rely on the IT staff at the Dallas headquar ters. The Memphis office is located in a small building with an open workspace and, because there is no IT staff, they are unable to provide maintenance or physical secu rity for servers. Trey Research, the subsidiary office, is in London, England. The London office has 215 users and maintains full corporate facilities, including its own IT staff and control over its own network infrastructure. The London office also maintains its own namespace.
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After you have removed or upgraded all domain controllers running Windows 2000 Server, the domain functional level can be raised to Windows Server 2003. At this functional level, the domain can no longer support domain controllers running Windows 2000 Server, so all domain controllers must be running one of the following two operating systems:
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Get-Mailbox Anr Jim | Move-Mailbox -TargetDatabase First Storage Group\Mailbox Database
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*ppimg = NULL;
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SELECT name, physical_name
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Overview of Active Directory Service
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Figure 10-17 shows the result of this command.
This time (if you are using SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition or Developer Edition), the query uses the indexed view, even though it is not referenced, and the query cost drops to 0.12. After you have created the unique clustered index on the view, it is possible to create additional nonclustered indexes on the same view.
Start Date This column displays the start date of the report. Information is shown only from this start date. End Date This column displays the end date of the report. Information is shown only up to this end date. Status This column displays whether the report is being generated or completed.
' Get a null instance of the CurrencyValueType type. Public Shared ReadOnly Property Null() As CurrencyValueType Get Dim currValue As CurrencyValueType = New CurrencyValueType() currValue.m_IsNull = True Return currValue End Get End Property
Configuring People Near Me
Multi-file Assembly AnAssembly.dll Assembly Metadata Type Metadata Code (IL) Resources Foo.netmodule Type Metadata Code (IL)
Designing a Site Topology
Planning a Database Server Infrastructure
Server configuration
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