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New Volume Wizard by right-clicking one of the regions of unallocated space. When you reach the Select Volume Type screen, the RAID-5 option is not available. What is the most likely reason for this behavior a. RAID-5 is already implemented in hardware. b. One or two of the disks are configured with the basic storage type. c. All three disks are configured with the dynamic storage type. d. All three disks are configured with the basic storage type. e. RAID-5 is already implemented in software. 6. A disk in a mirrored volume is failing. You decide to replace the failing disk. How should you prepare the mirror for disk replacement
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Delayed signing provides centralized key management.
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User Commands and Navigation
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Launch the new process
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To troubleshoot an audio playback problem, take the following additional steps:
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The error number of the error thrown The text of the error message The severity level of the error message The function, trigger, or procedure name that was executing
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A special diagnostic connection that can be used by administrators when other connections are unavailable. A method of ensuring that a particular value is entered into a column if no value is provided.
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Defective or missing third-party device driver If any third-party device driv ers are required to install Windows XP, you will be prompted to press F6 during the first phase of the installation process. You may need to obtain the latest drivers for your controller card before proceeding with the installation of Windows XP. With the correct drivers on a floppy disk, restart the installation of Windows XP, press F6 when prompted, and insert the driver disk.
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Add a child element using the <add> element. Specify a type. Specify a priority. Specify a group.
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Lesson 3: Using the Database Engine Tuning Advisor
A standard cluster, as shown in Figure 8-1, has a single quorum database stored on the shared array. The quorum drive is accessible by only one node within the cluster at any time. All other nodes in the cluster cannot access the drive. In the event of a fail ure, another node takes ownership of the disk resource containing the quorum data base and then continues cluster operations.
AUTO This mode will return the data in a hierarchical format, but you have no control
-- Add the check constraint. ALTER TABLE Test.NewCustomers ADD CHECK(CustomerID > 19185);
Lesson 1: Identifying Hardware Requirements
Lesson 2: Securing Messaging
Inviting people signed into People Near Me to a Windows Meeting Space
The sensor (hardware based or virtual) is integrated into the operating system via a usermode device (UMD) sensor driver, depicted as number 2. A user-mode device driver is developed using the User Mode Driver Framework (UMDF), which allows you to write what is akin to a Win32 COM application instead of writing low-level kernel code that is complicated to develop and far more difficult to debug. To make it easier to write a device driver that exposes a sensor to Windows 7, the platform provides a sensor class extension, shown as number 3. This is essentially a driver utility library that implements common code that is
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