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Configuring Public Folders
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In this practice, you will determine whether your computer meets the minimum requirements specified by Microsoft to run Windows XP Professional and whether the hardware in your computer is in the Windows Catalog. You will then perform a clean installation of Windows XP Professional using an installation CD. barcode control
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Me._city = newCity
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You can make many customizations with the options on the File Locations tab. Com mon options that users might want you to modify include these:
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DECLARE @Color nvarchar(15) SET @Color = 'Black' DECLARE @sql nvarchar(255) SELECT @sql = 'DECLARE crsrProducts CURSOR FAST_FORWARD FOR ' + 'SELECT ProductNumber, ListPrice,StandardCost '+ 'FROM Production.Product ' + 'WHERE Color = ''' + @Color + ''';' + 'OPEN crsrProducts ' 'WHILE (@@FETCH_STATUS = 0) ' + 'BEGIN ' + 'FETCH NEXT FROM crsrProducts ' + 'END; ' 'CLOSE crsrProducts ' + 'DEALLOCATE crsrProducts' EXEC sp_executesql @sql
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Monitor attack trends Stay up to date on the latest types of attacks, because new types of exploits appear regularly.
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/mode or /m You can set this to install, upgrade, uninstall, and recover Server. /role, /roles, or /r Specifies which roles to install. You can install the following:
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If the computer on which you are going to install Exchange Server 2007 will be assigned the Client Access server role, it will be necessary to install the following components prior to installation:
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Enterprise Edition
1. When you start the SSIS Import/Export Wizard from a command prompt rather than from within BIDS, which of the following are different in the wizard A. The interface. When you start the wizard from the command line, it has a non-GUI command-line interface. When you start it from within BIDS, it has a graphical interface. B. When you start the wizard from within BIDS, several additional options are added to the wizard. C. You cannot start the wizard from the command prompt. D. When you start the wizard from BIDS, the option to immediately execute the package is removed from the wizard.
Each of these gestures can be associated with inertia so that when you stop the physical movement of your finger on the surface of the screen, the object will continue its movement for a short time. To prepare your application for handling inertia, use the ManipulationInertiaStarting event on your window. You define this in the usual way. Here s the XAML of the Window that we ve been looking at with this event handler added:
After this lesson, you will be able to
Page 5-38
Authority delegated at the domain level affects all objects in the domain if the permission is set to inherit to all child containers. Authority delegated at the OU level can affect either that OU only, or that OU and its child OUs. Managing permissions is easier and more efficient if you assign control at the high est OU level possible. Authority delegated at the site level is likely to span domains and can influence objects in domains other than the domain where the GPO is located.
D. Correct: The USB Universal Host Controller lists the bandwidth usage by those
For information about creating indexes and the types of indexes you can create, see 4, Creating Indexes, in this book and the Indexes topic in SQL Server 2005 Books Online. SQL Server 2005 Books Online is installed as part of SQL Server 2005. Updates for SQL Server 2005 Books Online are available for download at books.mspx.
on the system volume. The path must be on an NTFS-formatted volume that has enough space to hold the images.
To gain further knowledge on the subject of working with data in a connected envi ronment, complete the following practices.
A. The computer is a member of a domain. B. The computer is running Windows XP Professional Edition. C. All users can change or delete their account passwords. D. The computer is running Windows XP Home Edition. 2. A client calls to report that she needs to share her single stand-alone computer with a guest who will be visiting next month. She stresses that the computer contains highly personal documents, files, Internet history, personalization settings, e-mail configuration, and more. Her guest will stay for two weeks and will need access to the computer for e-mailing, creating Microsoft Word documents, working on Microsoft Excel files, and creating Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. The client reports that she has Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition installed on the com puter. What should you advise the user to do to protect the computer from harmful downloads or program installations by her guest and keep her own documents safe, while still allowing the guest access to the applications on the computer A. Create a limited user account for the guest and install Office 2003 under that account. B. Create a standard user account for the user and drag Office 2003 to the Shared Documents folder. C. Enable the Guest account for the user. D. Create a limited user account for the guest and create a local computer policy that does not allow access to the Add Or Remove Programs tool in Control Panel and also does not allow downloading of programs.
You install a hardware device manually if Windows XP Professional fails to automatically detect a hardware device.
TCP/IP provides the networking foundation for Windows networks and for the Internet. TCP includes the internet-layer protocols ARP, IP, and ICMP, and the transport-layer protocols TCP and UDP. Host IP addresses need to be unique on every IP network. The first part of an IP address is always used as a network address or network ID, and the last part is used as a host address or host ID.
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