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Management Shell based on the PowerShell cmdlets for managing messages and queues. Investigate the parameters that these cmdlets support and the syntax of the associated commands. Look at creating PowerShell scripts to carry out tasks that you perform frequently.
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Create Roles and Apply user Security to Cubes
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The ISNULL function is similar to the COALESCE function, and in some cases you could use ISNULL as a replacement for the COALESCE function. The ISNULL function is used to replace NULL values with a specific replacement value. Unlike the COALESCE function, ISNULL will only accept two arguments. The syntax for the function is as follows:
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You are a DST for a help desk. A user calls your office and says she will be upgrading her computer from Windows NT 4.0 (SP4) to Windows XP Professional. She tells you that she read somewhere that she could generate a system compatibility report before doing the upgrade, but she does not remember the command needed to run the report What should you tell her (Choose the best answer.) A. You should tell her that she will not be able to do a direct upgrade to Windows XP Professional until she first applies Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 or Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a. B. You should tell her that the command is winnt32 /upgradecheck. C. You should tell her that she could select the Check System Compatibility option on the splash screen that appears after she inserts the installation CD. D. You should tell her that she should select the Compatibility Report option from the Add Or Remove Programs utility in Control Panel.
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1. Using the forest and domain diagram presented in the scenario, identify the nam ing strategy would you use for Northwind Traders. Explain your strategy.
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Practice 1: Use OPENXML to Load XML Data
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Infrastructure Security
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Traveling with Your Mobile PC
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Implementing Monitoring and Reporting
<netNamedPipeBinding> <binding name="TransportBinding"> <security mode="Transport"> <transport protectionLevel="EncryptAndSign" /> </security> </binding> </netNamedPipeBinding>
Feature Multiple network support
Windows Forms and the User Interface
1. In which situations would you consider using the User State Migration Tool instead of Windows Easy Transfer 2. To which versions of Windows Vista can you upgrade Windows XP Media Center edition Quick Check Answers 1. The User State Migration Tool is suitable when you have many computers and users to migrate from Windows 2000 or XP to Windows Vista. The Windows Easy Transfer tool is best used when a small number of users and computers need to be migrated to Windows Vista. 2. You can upgrade Windows XP Media Center to either Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate.
12. Press F5 to test your application.
A. The certificate database can only be restored using the Certification Authority
Database changes that are independent of application code can be applied to produc tion at a time when it is convenient to operational systems. The only consideration that needs to be made is the impact to users. As long as the change does not cause
Table 3-1 Services Required for ISA Server 2004
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