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With SQL Server 2005, Microsoft decided to make the features of the .NET Framework available to developers using SQL Server. This presented a challenge due to the way SQL Server and SQLOS interact with the operating system. To overcome this challenge, Microsoft developed a CLR host, which enables SQL Server to host the CLR. This enables developers to build applications that are executed by the CLR, but don t require a context switch to the underlying operating system to execute. In SQL Server 2000 and earlier, if developers wanted to utilize other programming languages to develop objects within SQL Server, they needed to
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Note If your account is a limited account type, you can change or remove your password, change the picture displayed with your account, and change your theme and other desktop settings. You can also view files that you created and files in the shared documents folder. mvc barcode generator
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Figure 9-3
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//C# protected X509ProviderDemo(string serviceActor, bool isClient) : base("ServiceActor", true) { }
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You are the senior network administrator at Contoso. Rather than doing it yourself, you got your deputy network administrator to create 60 new domain local security groups with complex yet specific names in Contoso s single Windows Server 2003 functional level domain All groups reside in the Engineers OU, which otherwise contains no objects. Unfortunately, although the deputy network administrator created the groups, he created them as global groups rather than domain local, as you specified. The
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Task Manager provides information about applications and processes that are cur rently running on a computer and provides real-time performance information about the processor, memory, and network usage. You can start Task Manager in the follow ing ways:
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signature syntax Used in boot.ini when the boot partition is greater than 7.8 GB in size or if the ending cylinder number is greater than 1024 for that partition and the BIOS does not support proper access (extended INT13). Simple File Sharing A type of sharing used when a Windows XP computer has not joined a domain or is running Windows XP Home Edition. simple volume A dynamic volume made up of disk space from a single dynamic disk. A simple volume can consist of a single region on a disk or multiple regions of the same disk that are linked together. smart cards Small, credit card sized devices that are capable of storing information.
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// Add a parameter to the SqlDataAdapter, and specify its value SqlParameter parm = productAdapter.SelectCommand.Parameters.Add( @ProductID", SqlDbType.Int); parm.Value = productID; // Run the query, fill the dataset, and return the first row
Your organization has a single TCP/IP subnet used for the internal network. You have an ISA Server 2004 computer configured as an edge firewall. The ISA Server computer is correctly configured with the following addresses for its internal network interface: IP: Subnet mask: The computer hosting ISA Server 2004 is configured as a caching-only DNS server. You are attempting to configure a Windows XP Professional computer as a SecureNAT client. The TCP/IP configuration of the Windows XP Professional computer is shown here.
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Create a computer object in the Desktops OU for the TopDog computer. While creating the account, select the executive s user account for the property The Following User Or Group Can Join This Computer To A Domain.
Lesson 2: Configuring and Using Active Directory Certificate Services
Correct Answers: B A. Incorrect: User accounts that are assigned the ISA Server Basic Monitoring role can monitor ISA Server and network activity but are unable to perform more advanced functions such as the exporting of confidential configuration information. B. Correct: The ISA Server Extended Monitoring role provides a middle ground between the Basic Monitoring role and the Full Administrator role. It allows user accounts assigned the role to perform functions such as exporting and importing confidential configuration information without being able to configure advanced settings such as cache and firewall policy. C. Incorrect: User accounts assigned the ISA Server Full Administrator role are able to perform all administrative functions on the ISA Server computer, including configuration of cache and firewall policy. The question stated that the junior administrator should not be able to configure the cache or firewall policy, so this answer is incorrect. D. Incorrect: Roles are assigned using the ISA Server 2004 Management Console. Roles are not assigned by adding users to local groups, unless the local group has been specifically assigned a particular role. Because nothing was mentioned in the question about such an existing situation, and this group does not exist by default, this answer is incorrect.
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